Which Mac would be best for IT and Graphic Design


Aug 14, 2012
I am looking to buy a Mac laptop for basic IT work that I am getting into to now and Graphic Design. I am going to be in IT and doing some IT work with a guy at my current job. So I am not real sure what exactly I need. I know I will be doing some web site designing and then just some basic office work. For Graphic Design I have a PC Desktop at home that I built with an i7 3770k with 16 GB of ram and a 670 GTX FTW 2 GB 256 Bit. I have more than enough to use with the PC but thought maybe just have a Mac laptop just in case me and a few friends are starting a project with drawing and some animation.

I am buying the laptop at BestBuy and planning to spend $1800 to $1900 max and that's with there 2 year protection plan that cost $349. I am already planning to buy a 2TB external Hard drive and understand I might need to get the USB SuperDrive that apple has.

Please help me I don't really know a lot about Apple computer only that a lot of people like them and I love my Iphone. Please help me figure out exactly what I need either with a Macbook Air or the Macbook Pro with Retina or even last years Macbook Pro.


Jan 26, 2009
Im not sure exactly what IT work you will be doing, but as someone that works for an all Mac company, I would recommend you get the Mac Air because of it's light weight and easy to move around with, and as an IT person you will most likely be doing that a lot.
Note that if you get the air, you will need a few extras like a thunderbolt to ethernet and external DVD drive as it doesn't come with either.

As for the graphic design, I am a Computer Science student so I use the Air to do all of my school work and havent ran into any issues due to the hardware of the Air, but if you are looking for something that will be able to do both, you are looking at either two separate computers, or a MacBook Pro. would personally get the Air (or a windows ultrabook) and use that for IT, while you use your desktop for the graphic design.

Oh, and if you really want to get a better laptop like a MacBook Pro or something, you might want to look at raising your budget, Macs are expensive and $1900.00 - $349.00 (for warranty) wont get you the Pro you would have really wanted.

Hope that helps, good luck!
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