Which mic is better Logitech G230 or Logitech G430


Oct 26, 2016
Hello there, I want to purchase a new pair of headsets made my the company Logitech. The ones in question are the Logitech G230 and Logitech G430. They both work on PC (as that's my platform for now). Both have headphone and mic. jacks. I don't care about anything fancy so just stereo will do, and I live in the US. I guess I have normal size ears. Also I would like it to be closed to not disturb others. The mic doesn't matter as long as it works and it's clear. I don't talk often (like 2-3 hours).
do edit your post to be more complete. given how you would like a complete answer we also expect a complete question else we will be spending needless time asking. i could have been snarky but i'll bite.. provide the following:

-what are you talking about? i'm guessing you want a gaming headset but you never said this.
-what platform does it need to work on? pc? console?
-what budget? what country?
-what connectivity? usb? 3.5mm?
-what kind of sound signature should it have?
-open or closed design?
-any other specific needs or wants?
-big ears or big head?