Which One of These Headsets should i buy?

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Jan 19, 2016
Hi guys im looking for a new headset to buy cause the mic and headband of my old siberia v2 broke.

I searched on the Web and those 3 Names popped up:

Razer Man O War
Logitech G933
Sennheiser G4me Zero

In a Headset i am looking for

Great Sound for Music and Games with good Bass.

7.1 Surround Sound to try out in Games cause i allways had a Stereo Headset.

A Good mic for Games and much Skype and Teamspeak.

I got a good Budget of max 200 and i would like to try a Wireless one aswell.

Please dont comment something like get some real Headphones and that stuff....

actually the get real headphones statement is very valid if you think about it. audio quality is normally better and if you want 5.1/7.1 so much then just use virtual as most headsets are virtual anyways so its really the best of both worlds.

with that said, some headsets are based on headphones.

instead of the game zero which is known to be bass light, perhaps the game one which is based on the hd518/558 would be better for you. yes, you may want a soundcard to go along with it to provide virtual surround sound but its a good choice. not bass heavy, but more neutral in signature yet not bass light either.

the logitech headsets generally score decent marks as well. while not perfect often they represent pretty good value and are certainly worthwhile.


Jul 22, 2015
Hey robin_23

The Logitech G933 headset is really good, I've watched many reviews and they are always praised by various reviewers, I do not have a pair myself but Logitech is a very good company that makes very good stuff in general. The 7.1 is not actual 7.1 surround sound, it's just enhancements that create the illusion that the audio sounds as if it were 7.1 surround sound (makes the source audio sound more open). If it were 7.1 surround sound there would be 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer around your head and I highly doubt that any headsets actually have 7 speakers and a sub-woofer built in them, they would have to be absolutely massive.
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