Which one would be better for gaming?


Jul 31, 2012
Ok so i need some opinion about these 2 laptops.

The first is an Asus(770$)

ASUS K53SM-SX037/8GB (ALU BROWN, 2GB VGA) - Intel QuadCore i7 2670QM (2.2GHz/Turbo 3.0GHz, 6M) CPU, NVIDIA® GeForce® 630M 2GB VRAM VGA, 8192 MB DDR3-1333MHz RAM, 750 GB 5400 rpm HDD, Web Camera, Supermulti Double Layer ODD, Bluetooth 3.0, Battery 6cell 5200mAh, 56W, 5:20hrs battery life, 3xUSB (1xUSB3.0), Intel HM 65 chipset, HDMI 1.3, 0.3MPix Webcam, Multifinger Touchpad, IceCool, Aluminium chassis, Carry Case, 15.6" HD LED (1366x768), 16ms

Second one also Asus(790$)

15.6" HD Display, 1366x678p
Intel® QuadCore i7-2670QM
640 GB HDD
nVIDIA® GT555-2 GB
LAN, Wi-Fi b/g/n, BT 3.0, USB 3.0, HDMI
DVDRW, HD Webcam

So i was wondering,is the IceCool feature really worth over the better graphic of the second asus?I found out that the particular 630m in the first one is just a renamed 540m which is not satisfying.I compared them on geForce and on raw calculations this 555m is some 15%-20% better than the 630m on the first asus.About the ram im not really concerned,as most of today's games don't require more than 4gbs,and if needed there is a good chance that the ram is upgedable so its not much of a problem since ram is pretty cheap.Originally i was hoping to find some of these 2 Acer Aspire V3-571G-9435
Acer Aspire V3-771G-9875(preferably the 17 inch one with the 650M) as their price was my exact budget but as fate had it there were non ,in my country and if i order it online il have to pay a lot of taxes on the border it will cost more than i currently can give.So i decided to go for the 80% of the laptops in stock in shops here (thats i72670,2640,3610 combined with the shitty 610m or 630m)when 15 mins ago a friend of mine phoned me that they found one more in stock with a better graphic and that is the second laptop,but the icecool feature and 8gbs ram had me thinking about what should i do,i am not sure.Please i need a professional opinion if possible.Which one of these 2 will perform better for games???(Note i don't want my laptop burning down and becoming a hell machine while playing)

Here some extra specifications about the second Asus

CD/DVD: DVD RW Dual Layer
Sound: Bang & Olufsen Ice Power speakers
Network Card: 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n
Accessories and available connectors: Bluetooth 3.0 , Card Reader, 2xUSB 2.0, 3.0 2xUSB , Analog VGA, HDMI , Audio Out, Micin, LAN (RJ 45), webcam with integrated microphone

I am not sure about the display on one site it says 15.6 "LED -backlit TFT LCD diplay, Non-glare (HD + 1600x900 / 16:9) and on another it says Its Glossy Glare

Ok so i reposted this tread because i didn't quite get a direct answer so don't take it down its not spam.


You may have to wait a bit for someone familiar with your local laptop landscape before receiving an answer. Sorry, I am just no use in providing any suggestion in that geographic market.


Mar 7, 2012
What are you plans for the laptop? Is it gaming or general use. If it has to be one of the two you listed and you plan to game on it then the second one is better. Although if it were for gaming I would go with a laptop including an i5 CPU and a stronger GPU.


Jul 31, 2012

Yeah but nothing of that sort,is to be found here.I was originally hoping to find something with an i5 third generation preferably quad core and an 560M or better AMD Radeon HD 6970M.But nothing there are either laptops with i5 2450 combined with mostly Nvidia 610m which is crap or 540m or 630m and the other are just really expensive gaming pc with 680m Or 680M's in crossfire and extreme processor or third generation i7 overall, which sell for around1700$-2000$.So considering my friend is playing Revelations on max settings and battlefield 3 on medium on his asus(I5 2450,Nvidia 540M,8gbram) i should do fairly well on the second asus,considering it has a far better processor and a somewhat better graphic card,i will upgrade to 8 ram so i think its not bad,it would have been considerably better if it were with 6970M or 560M the best version of the 560M,but since my options are very limited this is what i have,and considering that i will upgrade the ram to 8gbs on the second laptop if i go for him,its not all that bad,so what do you think
First one
I7 2670qm
Nvidia 630m
8gb Ram
Icecool Aluminium case feature

I7 2670qm
Nvidia 555M 2 gb
8gb Ram
no icecool feature
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