Which Symantec product supports all of these requirements


Mar 6, 2014
Dear All,

My vendor is being very lazy and are not responding to my emails / or pick up the phone.
I contacted Symantec through phone this morning, and now my email that I send keeps getting forwarded to different people but still no reply to my questions.

So I am trying it here now.

A customer of mine needs protection for the following:

Access Control

Used to explicitly define which traffic passes through a network segment. Must be applied to support extend and named ACLs.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

IDS shall be deployed to both network and host to detect and take corrective action to potential threats. It shall secure both the Plant Automation Network and Plant Monitoring Network. The minimum functional requirements shall be as follow:

(1) Resource protection, prevents malicious access to system resources.

(2) Shielding and HTTP, FTP, and MTP protocol protection, specific application protection, i.e. web/ftp servers, mail servers.

(3) Support for 3DES and AES 256 encryption for all communications.

(4) Security events can be configured to generate log events, e-mail notification and pager notification.

(5) SNMP trap data integration with management system.
Virus protection
(1) Virus protection should be employed in three areas: all servers and HMIs, incoming e- mail, and all user desktops. The following should be provided:

(2) Automatic discovery and removal of virus without interruption to work.
(3) Script blocking, to detect script-based threats.
(4) Scan and clean out-going e-mail to prevent sending infected files from a PC.

(5) Automatic scan of e-mail messages and attachments in standard POP3 and SMTP clients.

(6) Quarantine support to isolate infected files in protected hard disk area, until repair.

(7) Protection against viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, malicious ActiveX and Java Applets in compressed files.

System Protection and Disaster Recovery

(i) Effective global backup solution for all devices on network. Comprehensive backups take place automatically without the need to track files on individual PCs.

(ii) Library approach to provide efficiency and management of backup assets. Backup copies should be saved of all data on servers daily.

(iii) Routinely save backup images to server system drives. Keep backups
in secure, climate controlled, off-site facilities.

(iv) Centralize backup to prevent a failed system from causing permanent damage to the enterprise.

I have been looking on the internet half a day already. Still no results.

Anyone knows anything that matches this?

You are a big help if you have a solution for me.
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