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  1. R

    How to completely and finally remove Norton/Symantec from my W10 PC?

    I am resurrecting my daughters PC. I updated to Windows 10 and everything is great except for eliminating Norton. Im afraid my daugter had succumbed to Symantec's ransom and purchased their product because the nag sreen wore her down. Im now trying, without success, to rid this PC of Norton. I...
  2. C

    Need help selecting 2017 best antivirus suite and/or Endpoint Protection.

    I have used Symantec Endpoint protection for over ten years, but now understand they are far from the best. I need help navigating the new environment of stand alone vs SaaS and what exactly is the difference between antivirus suite and Endpoint protection. I have purchased three new laptops...
  3. S

    Does Symantec Endpoint track my every traffic

    does Symantec Endpoint Protection Track my Internet Traffic, monitor my desktop and other things? If it is what does it track and monitor?
  4. OnionKing

    Antivirus Debate: Symantec vs. Avast

    In order to get the W10 Anniversary Update, i will have to remove my now outdated version of Symantec Endpoint Protection. My question is this: Should i hold off the update for a few months in order to get a new copy, or should i just uninstall and use Avast? What are the detection rates, and...
  5. TheJJBman11

    Best Antivirus for me?

    Hey! I am on Windows 10 and have previously used Norton - which crashed by PC so that's a no go + it costs a lot. I am currently using avast! which is pretty good; however, I need something more lightweight, the price is good and I presume the detection is solid also. I have currently looked...
  6. T

    Which Symantec product supports all of these requirements

    Dear All, My vendor is being very lazy and are not responding to my emails / or pick up the phone. I contacted Symantec through phone this morning, and now my email that I send keeps getting forwarded to different people but still no reply to my questions. So I am trying it here now. A...
  7. E

    Concerns about company-owned Symantec Endpoint on Private PC

    I telecommute for my job, and I own my computer. Our company's software is browser-based and we use a standard web messaging client for communication. They made us sign an agreement to install a company-provided program (just calling it "Symantec"). After signing the agreement, I was sent a...
  8. A

    Symantec Ghost 8.3

    Hi, I would like to create a boot disk that will boot into Symantec Ghost 8.3 which is DOS based and then install an image that I have created onto the hard drive of that machine. I can create the boot disk with the wizard but I am unable to browse my NAS device which contains the image file.
  9. exfileme

    Symantec, Microsoft Take Down Hijacking Bamital Botnet

    Another botnet bites the dust thanks to Microsoft, Symantec and the U.S. Marshals Service. Symantec, Microsoft Take Down Hijacking Bamital Botnet : Read more
  10. Q

    Symantec Anti-Virus Help

    I opened the program to see what was wrong because it said it was disabled and it said the problem was that it had to update. So i updated it and the network and antivirus/antispyware were fixed and turned back on. However it said that the proactive threats definitions had to be updated so i...
  11. exfileme

    Symantec: Flame Is Capable of Sabotage, Too

    Flame is capable of sabotage as well as espionage. Symantec: Flame Is Capable of Sabotage, Too : Read more
  12. exfileme

    Hackers Released Norton AV Source Code, Says Symantec

    There's another dump of old Symantec source code residing in Torrent Land, this time in the name of the LulzSec members arrested earlier this week. Hackers Released Norton AV Source Code, Says Symantec : Read more
  13. S

    Anti symantec forum

    Hello, Anybody know how to get rid of Norton and stop it coming back. i am sick to death of Symantec invading my computer
  14. exfileme

    Symantec Source Code Released Today, Says Hacker

    Anonymous promises to release the source code of Norton Utilities later today in celebration of the related class-action lawsuit filed against Symantec earlier this week. Symantec Source Code Released Today, Says Hacker : Read more
  15. nikorr

    Symantec Norton Antivirus 2012 1 $9.99 Great deal!

    Symantec Norton Antivirus 2012 1 $9.99
  16. D

    Antivirus Log on issue

    Hi, When i log on to Antivirus i.e Symantec endpoint it shows in Log on managing server it takes several seconds. How to solve this issue.
  17. exfileme

    Symantec's Norton One Will Protect All Your Devices

    Symantec has announced the upcoming release of Norton One, a security suite that covers all your devices spanning the PC to the smartphone. Symantec's Norton One Will Protect All Your Devices : Read more
  18. exfileme

    Norton Facebook Scanner Now Supports Likejacking

    Symantec's Norton app for Facebook now protects users against "likejacking" attacks. Norton Facebook Scanner Now Supports Likejacking : Read more
  19. exfileme

    Symantec Offering Free Norton Security for Android

    Symantec has released a "lite" version of its new Norton Mobile Security suite for the Android platform. Symantec Offering Free Norton Security for Android : Read more
  20. L

    Help what's going on, makes no sense

    Hello!! On my pc ( soon to build a new one ), I had windows xp firewall and Internet security, also a symantec antivirus. While on the Internet I received a message from windows saying my firewall and other security has well pretty much crashed and uploaded 29 viruses like a stat counter and...
  21. G

    Symantec ghost problems

    Hello, hello, i have problem I have image to install it via symantec ghost and ris but symantec ghost corporation v8.3 refuse install image size more than 3300 MB
  22. exfileme

    Symantec Sued Over AV Auto-Renewals

    Despite last year's settlement, a lawsuit accuses Symantec of charging credit cards without prior approval. Symantec Sued Over AV Auto-Renewals : Read more
  23. Criss-AC

    License for NIS 2010

    I am a big fan of Symantec products. I have been using Norton Internet Security ever since I got my first computer. But never actually bought a license for it. Recently I was considering buying one for NIS2010 which is an amazing product, and mostly out of curiosity, I went searching for it on...
  24. itadakimasu

    Symantec Sucks

    I've run into yet another instance of symantec doing what it does best... and that is suck. When one of my users emails me saying they have a virus... I hope for the best, maybe it's just a spoof IE pop up or something harmless. We spend $2000 per year on our symantec endpoint security...
  25. exfileme

    Symantec Lists 100 ''Dirtiest'' Websites

    There' a lot of dirtiness out there, and Symantec wants to steer you away from all that filth. Symantec Lists 100 ''Dirtiest'' Websites : Read more
  26. exfileme

    Symantec: Kids Search for Porn, Sex, and Fred

    Symantec discovered that kids use YouTube as a source of visual reference, but also hunt for sex and porn on the side. Symantec: Kids Search for Porn, Sex, and Fred : Read more
  27. exfileme

    Trojan Stealing Amazon, Symantec FTP Info

    A trojan is collecting FTP information from popular websites such as Amazon, the BBC, Symantec, and more. Trojan Stealing Amazon, Symantec FTP Info : Read more
  28. S

    Avast, AVG, or Symantec for Antivirus?

    The subscription to McAffee that came with my computer expires soon so I've been considering my options for the future. There are 3 applications I am considering: 1. Avast Free 2. AVG Free 3. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition suite (available to me for free through my school) I know a...
  29. G

    Symantec's Hagerman To Become CEO At Corel

    Corel said that Kris Hagerman, formerly group president of Symantec's Data Center Management Group, has been appointed as Corel's interim chief executive officer. Symantec's Hagerman To Become CEO At Corel : Read more
  30. I

    most effective ANTI-VIRUS/FIREWALL software package for a Windows Mobi

    Whats the most effective ANTI-VIRUS/FIREWALL software package for a Windows Mobile ver 6 HTC Mogul phone? Please don't suggest Symantec anything as the last Symantec A/V I installed on my desktop PC missed several Trojans even with current A/V definitions. Thank you gentlemen.
  31. S

    Is it a virus?

    A few months ago I had a computer technician remove my symantec anti virus saying it had a bundled fire wall that was interfering with me networking a printer. I installed Avast which I heard is a resonable alternative to commeercial anti-virus. On installation, it found a Trojan. A week ago...
  32. BruceMyers48

    real time protection disabled

    My wife at work every once and awhile gets a pop that says "Symantec antivirus corporate edition file system realtime protection is disabled. She can't do anything while that window is up. The tect told her that her memory and drive were full.I think that the virus protection was disabled and...
  33. G

    symantec and pocketpc security

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hello, just wondering if anyone knows about Symantec releasing a full security suite for WIndows Mobile platform, other than only the anti-virus part, comprising a personal firewall and a data encryption product. So far I only found...
  34. B

    Make bootable CD

    I'm tring to figure out how to make a CD bootable that would load a Symantec ghost image onto a pc with little or no user intervention. Just put in the CD, Ghost runs and installs/writes the image to the hard drive. Any suggestions?