Concerns about company-owned Symantec Endpoint on Private PC


Feb 23, 2015
I telecommute for my job, and I own my computer. Our company's software is browser-based and we use a standard web messaging client for communication. They made us sign an agreement to install a company-provided program (just calling it "Symantec"). After signing the agreement, I was sent a link to download Symantec Endpoint Protection. I requested to know what features would be turned on, and how the data would be monitored/stored. All I've received is a screenshot passed down through 3 levels of management showing current settings as "ON" except for the Device Control feature.

Because I'm not going to get any other info from them I would like to ask other users if my company will be accessing/monitoring my browsing, download, email, IM, etc activity 24/7? I am very leery about giving them so much access to a computer they do not own, and which I use for a secondary job they don't know I have. Buying a new machine is not an option at this time.

Thank you for any information you can give!