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Dec 23, 2016
I’m a small company looking for a keylogger for employee’s at work.

I would just block sites but I’ve had an instance recently where an employee has made “inappropriate comments” via e-mail to a client who fortunately was very understanding when we took appropriate action and decided not to pursue it any further.

Before anybody jumps on the ethical / moral high ground, their employment contract already states that any form of internet usage / digital communication will be monitored … BUT … I’d also go a step further and prior to installing it on their systems would ask them to sign a separate form of consent acknowledging that monitoring software was being installed.
My aim is to use it as an absolute deterrent rather than anything else and it means I don’t have to waste time monitoring what they may be doing.

I thought I’d test it at home to see which was the easiest to install and set up using a PC and a laptop and have looked at

Refog …

All In One Keylogger …

Best Free keylogger

And whilst they offer a free trial I’d go for the paid version longer term if I’m happy it does what it does what I need.

All of them so far, either Chrome blocks it as Malware or if you download it which seems easier to do via other browsers, when you get to the install stage antivirus blocks it.

I appreciate you can switch off antivirus for this step and then white list the app on the client machines but made me seriously think about whether the software is actually safe on any machine?

Whilst I appreciate most can be set not to record passwords etc. but if I can set what reports it forwards to me, there’s no guarantee that the software company isn’t have all the content sent to them including passwords which did raise a concern … or am I being paranoid and they’d cease to exist / lose their living so wouldn’t risk it.

Interested in anybody’s input and or other suggestions for alternatives.
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