Which temp is more accurate?

awesome opossum

Apr 17, 2014
Ok so as many have stated before hwmonitor displays two cpu temps one is from a senson on the mobo apparently and one is from a sensor on the cpu. The other people who had this problem were on intel and i feel the answer was different for them. I have an amd 8320 and i just ran prime95 on my computer according to the mobo sensor my cpu hit 72c and according to the cpu sensor it reached 56c (its extremely hot in my room). Also i have a hyper 212 evo


Hwmonitor is extremely outdated, it was written when mobo's were using both southbridge and northbridge chipsets. Since Intel has moved the NB to the CPU, its entirely possible you are not getting accurate temps. Coretemp, Realtemp or speccy are much more accurate, especially for Intel.