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  1. S

    Lenovo 310-15ABR Not Powering After Monitor Swap

    Model: Lenovo 310-15ABR Symptoms: -No display on laptop monitor or external monitor. -No response from CPU fan when powered on. -HDD is getting power and spinning when powered on. -DVD Drive is getting power and opening when powered on. -Light is on when plugged into AC Power. The light is...
  2. M

    I upgraded i3-3110m to a i7 3740qm and now my pc shuts down when gaming/stress test

    Hello, I recently upgraded my cpu. Now it will shutdown in a matter of seconds awhile playing games or stress test and the temperature rises to 95-100c. I found that I can disable turbo boost in BIOS and I can play games and such but now I'm only getting 2.6ghz when it should be 3.7ghz (and is...
  3. testtube5

    Could someone list to me all of the most popular Stress Test / Benchmarking Programs?

    As the title suggests, could someone list to me all of the most popular Stress Test / Benchmarking Programs so I can download all of them? Also, how about the most popular / most advanced temperature gauging program? Like, one for every single component. I'd like to eventually become a master...
  4. A

    ASUS X550JK Random Shutdowns

    My laptop shuts down randomly. Mostly when playing games or sometimes doing nothing. I did a stress test to CPU and GPU benchmark. Sometimes it shuts down, sometimes it doesn't. I tried Windows 7, 8.1, 10 but the problem still exists. What can I do? Edit: Model is X550JK-XO012D
  5. P

    Pls give me a guide on what to test on a new laptop

    Hi!!! Im planning to buy a new laptop :) Pls give me a guide on what to test...what to do....what to type.. It is an ACER laptop, core i5 7th gen with 940mx graphics card..2TB storage with 4gb RAM... model is E5-575g... Im from the philippines by the way. It's pre installed with Windows 10...
  6. M

    My laptop keeps shutting down when using gpu..

    My laptop vaio vpcf115fm, gt330m video card, keeps shutting down whenever it uses the gpu. When a run a cpu stress test, its fine. But when i start a gpu stress test, as soon as i hit start, it shuts down. This also happens in watching videos in youtube. In video games, it can launch a menu. But...
  7. S

    Overclocking temperatures cpu

    So I'm new to overclocking and have a question, when im using prime95 I stress test my cpu and the temp hits upto 82 celicus ( running an i5 6600k) @4.1Ghz but when monitoring my cpu temps whilst doing my most consuming demanding tasks, eg. playing games and music, I reach 62 celcius. My...
  8. T

    How can I test out a used computer to make sure it is fully functional/ with no problems?

    Basically I am getting a really good deal on a used PC. But before I actually purchase it I would like to test it out with programs that stress it/ check for any errors/ see if the components are fully functional. My question is which programs should I get? As in what program would be quick...
  9. L

    CPU Overclocking AMD

    Hi guys! (Again xD) I recently made a CPU Stress test, and after 10min running at 100% load temps was 59C (Max) 45C Min. And 55C Average. So I want to push my CPU further because temps are not bad. I would like to overclock my CPU but don't know if I can. Here is my CPU: |||...
  10. K

    Fujitsu Laptop Memory Diagnostic Problem

    I am trying to help a friend with a Fujitsu AH531 laptop that runs Windows 10 and has developed an issue where it will after a few minutes usage give a BSOD which states “PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA (snp2uvc.sys)” I have researched the error and learnt that it can often relate to memory errors...
  11. I

    Re-cone kit for an old Manhattan driver?

    Hello. I had an old 2.1 11 watt computer speaker system (Manhattan - 161701) that I bought for a stress-test, and I ended up blowing the subwoofer and the right channel. I wanted a re-cone kit for the subwoofer, and I wanted to turn it into a regular woofer. I will modify it to what it needs to...
  12. Cooler Master

    Please help identify this benchmark/stress test.

    I'm doing some benchmarking before I upgrade. And saw this test in a video but cannot find the damn video... Its basically skyscrapers running horizontally and there is one set at the top and one at the bottom and I think the test is terminated when the fps drops below certain mark. Anyone know?
  13. Barty1884

    AMD Overdrive - Thermal Margin fluctuates quite drastically.

    Hi all, I installed my CPU and GPU (AMD Athlon X4 860K & Radeon R9 280). Only stock coolers & 1 intake, 1 exhaust case fan. My BIOS states CPU temperatures are ~70'C at idle.....but reading about AMD's, it appears their Thermal Margin* is the best judge of temperatures for the CPU. *For...
  14. B

    how do i change Prime95 stress test time to 12hours or more

    i have searched and searched the web but it seems im the only one not seeing how to change the default 10 minute test of prime95. they say it is recommended to run prime95 at 12 to 24hrs but i cant see the setting where do i change it. please help a noob. thanks!
  15. T

    Stress testing my new computer

    Hi, I am quite new to building my own pc, and i was wondering when i finally finish my computer build which components should i stress test and which software should i use to do the stress test with. In addition to stress testing the components what else should i do to make sure everything is...
  16. M

    Can't get high quality video out of my 70d

    I have a Canon 70d and I can't seem to get the highest quality out of it when posting on YouTube I am editing on Sony Vegas 11 and exporting the videos as .mxf files. Whenever I export a video it looks fine but when I upload it to YouTube it losses a considerable amount of quality. I can't...
  17. ItsAllNew

    Recommend gaming Benchmark software?

    Just looking for software to stress test how my pc would do when it comes to 3D games
  18. awesome opossum

    Which temp is more accurate?

    Ok so as many have stated before hwmonitor displays two cpu temps one is from a senson on the mobo apparently and one is from a sensor on the cpu. The other people who had this problem were on intel and i feel the answer was different for them. I have an amd 8320 and i just ran prime95 on my...
  19. N

    Which stress test should I use?

    Are there specific test for various types of CPU's/memories/operating systems or there is one universal for all of them? I've heard of some programs like Prime95 and MemTest, but i don't know if they will adjust tests to different types of CPU's and memories on different types of OS (32-bit or...
  20. J

    New System, What testing software should i get????

    Basically ive just built a new gaming rig and would like to know what the best software is to fully test my system before i start using it? I've heard HWmonitor is great but would like to know some more recommendations!
  21. C

    Multiple stress tests were done, all of which caused instant shutdown. Will it have harmed my laptop?

    I had to stress test my laptop over 25 times to diagnose an 'instant shutdown' problem. All 25 times, the laptop experienced that shutdown (either due to power-supply issue or heating issue) It doesn't happen anymore. My Question is, since I did so many tests and caused it to shutdown, will that...
  22. M

    Prime95 translation HELP

    :hello: Kindly I ask your attention. Well, I wanted to use Prime95 and found out that it is only in English. I asked for permission to translate it and I got it. Emaill: Hello Meneer, Thank you for the translation offer. Unfortunately, not all of the text that needs to be translated is...
  23. G

    Dv6-7011 Tx Aida64 stress test

    hello guys i bought a new dv6-7011tx laptop. i tried to do a stress test. first, here is the configuration. 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5-3210M 6 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) 640 GB SATA (5400 rpm) first the test was conducted in a room with ambient temperature of...
  24. reaper2794

    Stress Testers

    Hey guys, I'm looking for programs to stress test my CPU, GPU and RAM once I get my new build to make sure they're all running well. Can anyone tell me what programs to use?
  25. T

    Stress test MacBook Pro

    I need some help! Trying to look for a programme that would stress test my MacBook Pro's GPU, CPU, and NVRAM. I have found programmes to stress test the RAM. I have also run the diagnostic software that comes with the OS X CD but it hasn't found anything wrong. Here's why I'm trying to do this...
  26. G

    Prime 95 stress test

    Ok, so after reading up on a bunch of toms hardware reviews, I noticed that they often/almost always use Prime 95 to test for system stability under load. I've been running my PC just fine for the better part of six months and I never had any problems with random system crashes during normal...
  27. W

    Stress Test Software Free

    can anyone tell me where can i find a good pc stress test software that is free? where it test all your hardware to their limits.. thanks in advance for those who can help me and to the readers also..
  28. TeeTewl

    Sandra Burning Rom

    I would like to stress test my home assembled box and was wondering how to go about it...Do you have to be online... I was trying to keep my new rig off the internet. Using it just for games and editing my photos and such. Is the Sandra software a good one? ...hey quit it...don't make me stop...