Stress test MacBook Pro


Dec 26, 2009
I need some help! Trying to look for a programme that would stress test my MacBook Pro's GPU, CPU, and NVRAM. I have found programmes to stress test the RAM. I have also run the diagnostic software that comes with the OS X CD but it hasn't found anything wrong.

Here's why I'm trying to do this:

When my MacBook Pro (first gen model, 2006) is run in clamshell model with external monitor attached, it frequently has video artifacts, sometimes the screen turns blank and the computer automatically restarts itself. This has happened several times in the past few months and seemed to happen more frequently. Right now I'm using it with the built-in screen open without an external monitor attached.

I think the GPU or CPU is failing and want to stress test it to see.

I have already run the Apple hardware diagnostic that comes on the DVD and nothing was found wrong. However, I don't think that test (including the extended test option) stressed the GPU for long enough or hard enough.



Sounds like a heat issue. I'm not entirely familiar with the construction of older Macs, but you should probably clean it's heatsinks out. Unlike PCs, they really don't have intakes; you'll have to disassemble the machine to try and clean it out.
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