Which Version of the TRITTON 720+ 7.1 would be better?


Dec 12, 2013

I am planning to buy a pair of Tritton 720+ 7.1's for PC but I'm confused on which version to get, you see there's one version designed exclusively for PC and one designed for cross platform use as well as pc (I'll link them at the bottom of this post). I was wondering if anyone had any idea which one would be better? because the cross platform version has a the decoder box thing, where as the exclusively PC version does not come with one, so I didn't know if this actually affected the audio quality?
Also I have a sound card in my Pc and it contains a spdif out port, didn't know if that makes any difference?
Here are the two products:


Thank you in advance!


Feb 20, 2015
I assume that you have bought a product since your question, considering the time differential!

I wanted to answer in case someone came upon this site considering a similar question/purchase.

I have owned the Tritton 720+ headphones that include the breakout box for a little over a year and I have, very, mixed feelings about them.

My purchase was directed towards using them with my xbox360 initially, and they do provide a solid, affordable, and no-nonsense solution to "positional, surround sound" on a budget. My honest opinion is that although the headphones themselves are solid, comfortable, and feel as though they could take a fair amount of abuse(after 1 year and change of being trodden on, kicked around, "cord-stretched", etc... they are still like new) the actual performance is very, very hit and miss.

The first few times I used them, I ignored the constant high pitched squeal that they produce no mater the volume level (this differs per operating system and per operational mode, but always remains regardless) and I enjoyed the ease of connecting up my "Granddad" xbox360 (still a first gen, without even the HDMI out) I also enjoyed the portability of taking this small unit downstairs (to my brother's "old man" xbox360 that has the HDMI out, but is still the original shape) and hearing "pseudo-surround sound" in glorious "7.1" pretend-pretend!

The reason I say "pretend-pretend" is that although this unit is advertised as "7.1", the xbox360 only outputs 5.1, and even then, not all games that claim to do so, "actually" do! So not only is this a virtual surround system, it also employs further "trickery" to pretend to have an extra 2 "non-existent" channels!

Watching Movies on the 360 with these 'phones is actually a joy and they sound awesome. Games are just OK!

If you have made it this far, then you are brave. I want to save you from the torment of the PC setup that I have been through!

Allow the standard windows driver manager to install the drivers when you plug in the system box, ignore what the manual says, just plug it in! Now....


I tried so many ways of configuring these things in windows with the downloadable software(I think that MadCatz have since pulled all config software for these) Just use the in-built windows sound software. It will save you hours of misery!

Anyway, that's my review/rant.

like it or loathe it!

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