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  1. T

    My speakers are acting like my microphone

    I'm using the Tritton Ark 100 headset when I plug the aux cable into the mic slot my speakers become the mic also when I turn the headset on and use the sound slot only one side works but if I turn it off both sides work. [OS=Windows10]
  2. B

    Looking for new headphones!

    Heyo, For the past year or two, I've been through 2 pairs of Tritton AX-180's (one white, one black), and both had the same untimely fate of the right ear connecty plastic bit wearing down, and eventually snapping. (Yes I'm careful with them I just have a large square head) Now that my second...
  3. W

    [Tritton 720+] Do not buy the console version for use on a PC without Optical Audio.

    Update: See third post for conclusion. Hello, I bought this headset, still waiting. I'll use it on PS3, PS4 and PC. My current motherboard does not have optical audio output. Will I have a noticeable lower quality because of it? I couldn't find anything about this, and saw that there are no...
  4. L

    help please ps3

    tritton kunai universal headset the voice chat works fine and the mic just the gaming sound only comes through the left ear? someone help me
  5. V

    Gaming motherboard doesn't have 5.1 surround and tritton headset not working

    Hey guys so i have a gaming rig... GTX 760 i5 4460 Motherboard: MS-7850 and basically my motherboard or sound card does not have 5.1 surround sound it only has the Green audio jack Pink Mic jack and a Blue jack. I have purchased a Trittion 5.1 surround sound pro plus headset and it does not...
  6. HappyHambo

    Audio plays through one ear only when cable coming out of jack is bent? (Logitech G330 & Tritton Kunai)

    I own two pairs of headphones (Logitech G330 & Tritton Kunai) which only "work" when the cable which comes out of the audio jack is bent in a certain direction and when it does work it only plays through the right ear? I was wondering if anyone knew what the problem is and if anyone knows a way...
  7. S

    Help me chose between these 7.1 virtual Surround sound headsets for my ps4

    So i need a pair of headsets to listen to music or mainly soundwhore on cod, i had the razer usb ones from a friend and they were not impressive, that's why i don't know if i should chose: -Tritton 720+ (has its own media box with dolby digital and some other stuff (does support because of the...
  8. G

    tritton 7.1 warheads on pc?

    is it possible to use the tritton warheads on pc? they are around 60 bucks now and it would be a very good deal but will it be able to connect to the wireless xbox 360 adapter/optical cable? and will the mic work? thanks for your answers!
  9. D

    Can't get in-game audio to work

    I have just bought the Tritton 720+ but I have been trying to get the audio in Call of Duty for example to work. It only plays out of the TV.
  10. S

    My Tritton Kunai headset's microphone won't work when plugged into the pc

    My headset isn't working when plugged into my computer, it has 1 "wire" (don't know the lingo) which plugs in the whole headset (mic is connected on with speakers as one wire) and the computer detects the speakers but not the microphone. Sorry that I can't really explain it well, but cheers...
  11. B

    Gaming Headset up to 150 Euros

    Hi, I currently own the tritton kunai headset, but they hurt me a bit on the ears and since they are the playstation version, do not play stereo on my computer. I have up to 150 euros, or 161USD. What headset would you reccomend? It would need a nice mic, specially for voice chat and possible...
  12. Joosty

    Gaming headset under 100€

    My Tritton ax 180 just broke and im looking for a new one i had the logitech g35 in mind but im not sure. I need a Headset that: - Haves a good mic for recordings and skype calls - Nice Music quality That's it. I hope you can help me out.
  13. H

    Tritton Pro+ not producing audio / appearing as possible device to produce audio

    Right I bought a Tritton Pro+ headset the other day and have been having trouble since the start. I've connected all of the jacks in correctly and made sure it is all together, however it still won't produce any audio or appear on the playback options. The microphone apparently works fine as in...
  14. P

    Why can't I talk out of my tritton kunai headset for ps3?

    I went to my play station and started playing then I joined my friend and he started talking i could here him but I couldn't talk out of my mic but my mic was working for 1 month before that so I don't know what happened I even completely unplugged it then reinstalled it but the mic dosent work.
  15. N

    Tritton 720+ S/PDIF connection only giving 1 channel audio

    Hello all, I have just bought a Tritton 720+ and am using the optical S/PDIF output directly from my motherboard and am only getting single channel audio, not even left and right are different much less surround sound. Here is the problem, my build, and what I have already done / tried...
  16. P

    G430's worth investing in?

    Hello! So, right now I have Tritton AX 180's. They are worn out a quite a lot (i droped them many times), both sides are broken but glued together nicely so they don't fall apart. They still do work and are usable. Anyway, my question. I really want to replace my AX 180's with something else...
  17. C

    Tritton 720+ Headset Questions

    Can i use a USB splitter on the Headset to let two different devices hear the sound coming through the Mixamp?
  18. P

    Possible to use Tritton Warhead mic on PC with any modification or SOMETHING?!

    So I may have done something stupid or something clever, I just bought a Tritton Warhead 7.1 for 75$ from a sale to use with my computer, and I already knew before I bought it that it was Xbox 360 exclusive. I saw a (shitty) video on youtube that showed that it was indeed possible to use the mic...
  19. T

    Which Version of the TRITTON 720+ 7.1 would be better?

    Hi, I am planning to buy a pair of Tritton 720+ 7.1's for PC but I'm confused on which version to get, you see there's one version designed exclusively for PC and one designed for cross platform use as well as pc (I'll link them at the bottom of this post). I was wondering if anyone had any...
  20. uoducks2110

    Need a new headset

    Hey guys I just recently had my Tritton AX720's of 4 years break on me. I was hoping to get some help with finding a new headset for gaming that isn't too crazily priced ($100-200), I was kinda hoping to stay with a Tritton headset because of the longevity from the first one (I had friends get...
  21. Skorpovita

    Gaming Headset ps4 and pc

    Hello everyone.. i earned some money so I decided to buy a good headset .. I use them mainly for online play on playstation 4 or pc..often with friends so i use them also on skype or teamspeak chat in console... searching on the internet I was tempted by Tritton 5.1 or the Turtle Beach...
  22. N

    Better PC Gaming Headset: Razer Kraken Pro or Tritton Kunai?

    I'm looking to find a budget gaming headset for my PC. Which of these two headsets do you think is better in the categories of sound quality, comfort, and mic quality. Kraken Pro...
  23. 2

    Soundcard or Headset problem? Am I being a noob? AX Tritton Pro.

    Around July 2011 I purchased a Tritton AX Pro Gaming Headset (link here - Amazon). I used it with my Xbox 360 and PS3 and it sounded great when games had the supported Dolby audio. I've just built my first PC using an Asus Hero mobo which has the SupremeFX onboard audio, which on the website...
  24. B

    Tritton PC510 HDA headset subwoofer stopped working, piece broke off inline controller

    Ok so about a year ago my subwoofer in my headset stopped working and i heard a rattling coming from my headset's inline volume controller. I took it apart and noticed something fell off where the subwoofer control is. Not sure if it is a capacitor or something. The contact points are still fine...
  25. T

    trouble hooking up a headset

    so i bought an xbox headset, tritton triggers and i tried to hook it up to my pc by using an adapter and the audio is only coming out one side, any advice?
  26. K

    Tritton Pro+ Headset set-up issues

    I recently bought Mad Catz' tritton pro+ headset for my pc and xbox. I've been trying to get them properly set up for a little while now and been struggling somewhat. Basically the manual is a 2 page childrens novel with pictures showing you what to plug in and where, and that's it. I plugged...
  27. A

    Need to buy a new headset for PC

    Hi, I have currently got some TRITTON AX180s which I have had for a few months maybe a year. One of the ear cups has just snapped off and is dangling by a wire now making them unwearable. The sound still works but I cannot wear them. I asked my dad if he could fix them and he tried using super...
  28. Platinum Era

    Halo Tritton Warhead Static Problem

    There is always a phss/static noise emitting from my headset. I've come through and done all the possible solutions listed on Tritton website ( but none seem to have worked. Support gave me 2 "solutions" before telling me to...