[Tritton 720+] Do not buy the console version for use on a PC without Optical Audio.


Oct 17, 2016
Update: See third post for conclusion.

Hello, I bought this headset, still waiting. I'll use it on PS3, PS4 and PC.

My current motherboard does not have optical audio output.

Will I have a noticeable lower quality because of it?

I couldn't find anything about this, and saw that there are no specific drivers, only generic ones.

Windows 10. I have been using Sony's Wireless Stereo Headset Pulse Elite (the one that breaks no matter what) for the past ~3 years.

Thanks in advance. ;)

EDIT: I don't care about the virtual surround sound, I'm just worried about having sub par stereo sound quality compared to if I would use optical output.

EDIT2: It's arrived. Comfortable, nice build quality, lightweight, but I found it to have too much bass, I wonder if it's about getting used to it, not really an improvement coming from Sony's Pulse Elite.
I still wonder if I'd have a better sound quality with an optical out audio.

EDIT3: It sucks on PC when using only the USB, I can only get Mono audio. I'm disappointed with it, wasn't worth it. It works well anyway on the PS4.


Oct 17, 2016
Well, I guess this is something that can't be changed.

The Tritton 720+ when used on the PC with only the USB cable receives all sounds as if it was voice/chat sound. That means the following:
- Game/Movie/Stereo modes cannot be activated.
- Left only or right only sounds are always played in both sides, mono sound, just like it happens with chat voice.
- The volume cannot be changed using Game Volume, you must use the Voice Volume to change it.

It all seems to be a limitation, that when using USB only the decoder box treats all PC audio as voice audio. I tried asking MadCatx/Tritton about it, but they keep giving me some general answers, and there seems to be an older model that comes with an adaptor for PC, which does not apply to my model, which, funny enough, has the same name and all of my current one.

I give up.

Didn't want to, but I'll spend even more buying some kind of external USB sound card that outputs optical audio.

I really hope this headset doesn't break after I invested so much for it, as it seems to be quite common.

Should've kept my money and just keep using my 3+ years old Sony Pulse Elite. Or even just saved the money for the soon to be released Sony Platinum headset.


Oct 17, 2016
Ok, the support just clarified the information that should be on their product page.

Do NOT buy the console version of the 720+ if you also want to use it on the PC. Without an optical audio input (as in using only the USB cable on the PC) the decoder box is only made to handle chat audio, hence the mono sound and low quality, plus not being able to use sound EQ and volume control via Voice Volume.

If you want to use it EXCLUSIVELY on the PC, there is a PC/Mobile version.

I do not recommend anyone buying this, there are many limitations always in place, just find something else. The product page is very misleading.

Not to mention the fragile build quality, just search "broken 720+" and you'll see it.

I hope mine at least survives until I can buy a better product.

I also hope this prevents someone with my needs from buying this product and repenting it.
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