Tritton 720+ S/PDIF connection only giving 1 channel audio


Dec 27, 2014
Hello all,

I have just bought a Tritton 720+ and am using the optical S/PDIF output directly from my motherboard and am only getting single channel audio, not even left and right are different much less surround sound. Here is the problem, my build, and what I have already done / tried.

M5A99X EVO R2.0 - using realtek HD audio manager -
AMD FX-8350
8gb DDR3 ram
gigabyte g1 GTX 970

I am only getting one channel of audio coming out of the S/PDIF output directly from the board. The board says it supports dolby surround and should work no problem. The headset is also of course capable of surround sound. I have tried everything I can think of and can not get the audio to even play in stereo. left and right are exactly the same. The sound quality is good, similar to when I hook up analog, but only one channel of sound. all of the lights on the coder box are blue except of course for the dolby light which is out due to not having surround sound.

I have read many forum posts and heard a lot of the time the coder box for the headset can have problems, I hooked it up to my PS3 and it works perfectly from the S/PDIF output in the playstation. surround functions and and the dolby light on the code box comes on.

I then hooked up the headset via analog to the PC and left-right function as normal.

With the S/PDIF output plugged directly from my board to the coder box and usb from board to coder box I have gone into cp sound options and have tried to play around. Sound tests play left and right channels through both speakers and there is no option to choose 5.1 or 7.1 through the config menus, I only have the one option "stereo" also in properties I only have the choice between 44100Hz (cd quality) and 48000Hz (DVD quality).

I have restarted, and checked all connections of course as well. I have updated all drivers and have checked through the realtek hd audio manager if there was something I could do to no avail.

Please help me sort this! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Dec 27, 2014
So all I need to buy is something like this?®-Digital-Decoder-Analog-Converter/dp/B00AZHNVCC#

I had looked at those before but figured optical in optical out wouldn't make a difference. This is because my motherboard also says it's 5.1 capable.
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