Tritton Pro+ not producing audio / appearing as possible device to produce audio


Feb 13, 2015
Right I bought a Tritton Pro+ headset the other day and have been having trouble since the start.

I've connected all of the jacks in correctly and made sure it is all together, however it still won't produce any audio or appear on the playback options.
The microphone apparently works fine as in a skype convo my friends could hear me fine.

I've tested it on another PC and it worked instantly.

I've seen on a lot of forums that the OS and motherboard is needed so here it is:
OS - Windows 7 Professional
MotherBoard - Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0

Mine is new build and according to the device manager the drivers are all up to date.

I did notice that on the other PC they had 'VIA High Definition Audio' whereas mine is on 'Realtek High Definition Audio Manager'... not sure if that'll make a difference but hey-ho.

One last thing is that when I start plugging in the jacks 'Realtek Audio Manager' loads straight away but doesn't really allow me to do much other than modify what type of room I'm in and whether I want it to be my default device.

Hopefully you guys & girls could offer a bit more help than the helpline did.
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