Why are 2 of my email accounts banned from sights that I have nothing to do with?


Jun 24, 2016
I just tried registering with some sites that I have absolutely nothing to do with,I was looking for health advice for my mother that isn't into computers or social networking and 2 email accounts that I tried said that I was banned by the administration,why is this?

Its obviously a mistake of some kind but how?im not even a member of any other sites but this one and a MTB forum which I've never been banned from, I've never even argued with anyone.

Thanks for your time



You'd have to ask them why.


Feb 22, 2006
It is possible that someone tried accessing those sites with your given email accounts (hackers maybe?). And they tried way too many times, so they locked out those email accounts to secure there end. I'm not saying that they did, but it is a possibility.
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