Solved! Why can't my GPU detect my external monitor?

Jul 9, 2020
Any ideas why my GPU can't detect my external monitor? I am using a HDMI to HDMI cord btw and when I connect my monitor to my laptop, my nvidia control panel should have display and video tabs. Unfortunately there isnt any tabs except for 3d settings. Also, when I check my display settings, my display 2 is connected to the IGLU (AMD Vega 10). I want my display 2 to be connected or run by my GPU (Nvidia geforce gtx 1650) Any ideas? Thank you in advance for the answers.

P. S. My laptop is Acer nitro 5 laptop (an515-43-r2wk) and my external monitor is TCL LED TV 24" 60 Hz. Also, my drivers are already updated.
Try connecting it to another laptop, see if its the same problem. If not then you at least know where the problem lies and you can go from there.