Question Why my Asus TUF FX505DU display show red color as orangeish

Jun 9, 2019
So basically i've bought my Asus FX505DU on the 5th of june. Everything is okay however color red looks like a dark orange color. I've tried Windows color correction but it did nothing since even if i slide the sliders nothing changes. Also there is no other options other than 3d options in NVIDIa controll center. Any advice, it makes me nuts…
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Did you try updating the driver?

You should also try right clicking on the desktop background and then in the list given click "Screen Resolution". In the window that options click the "Advanced settings" link. Next click on the "Monitor" or "Display" tab (whichever it lists as) and check under "Colors" that it is set to use/show the right colors. You might also try clicking on the "Color management" tab and check the settings in there.

Additionally, you might also want to try right clicking on the desktop background then in the list that shows click on "Graphics Properties" and see if changes in there will resolve it.

If none of this resolves it, it may well be the display. Then the only resolution is to return the device and have them give you another one. However, it may well be the way that particular device's screen shows the color.


May 5, 2015
Received the same laptop model the other day too. Also dealing with the same issue here. Running windows 10 and went about adjusting the color management, updating the AMD drivers. No dice unfortunately at fixing the color.

Have you come across a fix by chance yet Twombli in the time since your last reply?
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