Question Will I lose quality if I plug headphones and speakers into same port?

Jun 18, 2019
I wanna plug speakers and headphones into the same green port using adapter 1x3.5 into 2x3.5 but I wonder if it's going to affect sound quality in any way?

I am not deaf but I am not audiophile either so I often suffer from horrible sound quality and do not even notice it but now I finally got decent headphones and I would like to use them to full extent.

I am NOT intending to use headphones/speakers at the same time. I just want convenience of switching between them whenever I want and my front jack port is dead.
Feb 16, 2019
Nope. Since you won't be using both at the same time. Even if you did, you may not notice the voltage split affecting anything but the need to turn up the volume to compensate. I assume you're going to feed the 'speaker' signal into an amplifier and then to the speakers. Am I correct? The internal amp for the 'green port' will drive headphones, but not speakers; you need an amp or powered speakers, or passive speakers connected to an amp as mentioned.
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