Will the Galaxy Note 8 run off of Straight Talk Verizon towers if the phone is unlocked

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You would have to check with Verizon to be 100% sure. That is because Straight Talk has CDMA phones in some areas and GSM phones in other areas. Depends on what network they are using.


Sep 11, 2017
It will if it's a CDMA phone meaning if it was a Verizon phone to begin with it will work without even being unlocked, if your straight talk service (SIM Card) is for Verizon network then any Verizon branded phone will work by simply moving your Straight Talk sim card over to your VERSION phone and no need to even contact straight Talk. I've done it with no less than 4 Verizon phones over the last 2 months. All Verizon phones are CDMA so there is no need to have it unlocked to work. Now if your carrier was on the CDMA network like Sprint then your phone will need to be unlocked to work with Verizon network towers through straight talk.
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