Windows 10 error - could not find the recovery environment

Ethan Daniel Smith

Dec 25, 2014
Short version: I bought a laptop and want to use the windows 10 reset feature. I know it has a recovery partition but i keep getting the error "could not find the recovery environment". How do fix this?

Long version: I recently bought my acer aspire e5-575g-53vg laptop and it came preinstalled with windows 10. Ive been messing with it and now id like to reset it. I KNOW it has a recovery partition because i SEE it in disk management AND i have reset this before. I am getting this error now - could not find recovery environment. How do i fix it?


May 29, 2012
Try this, but as previous post said it could be that the recovery partition is damaged.

WARNING!!! This procedure will erase all files on your hard drive.

Recovering from within Windows

Click Start > All Programs > Acer, then click Acer eRecovery Management.
Click the Restore tab, then Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults to open the Confirm Restoration dialog box.
Click Yes, then Start. A dialog box will display information about the hard drive that the operating system will be recovered to.
Click OK. The recovery process begins by restarting your computer, then continues by copying files to your hard drive. This process may take a while, the Acer eRecovery Management screen displays the progress. When the recovery has finished, a dialog box prompts you to restart your computer.
Click OK to restart your computer. Follow the onscreen prompts for first-time system setup.

Recovering from the hard drive during startup

Turn on your computer, then press <Alt> + <F10> during startup to open Acer
eRecovery Management.
Click Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults.
Click Next. Your hard drive’s original, factory-loaded contents will be recovered. This process will take several minutes.

Best regards from Sweden

Ethan Daniel Smith

Dec 25, 2014
I just tried that. Its no different than doing it through windows 10 settings. I still get the same error. And like ive said. I have a recovery partition on my ssd. I see it in disk management and ive reset this pc before. It just wont work this time
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