Question Windows 10- Showing a black screen w/ a loading mouse sign

Feb 28, 2021
Firstly I must say- I don't have a laptop tho I posted the thread over here brcause I don't know where to. Please move it to the correct one if needed and don't delete the thread as it's important to me and I need it to function normally asap.
So, back to the topic- when I powered on my computer today, the ASUS loading screen was showing up as it should, and then, the screen was just black with a loading cursor-sign on it.
I tried to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and none popped up. I don't have an idea for how shall I fix it, so I'm asking you folks. Btw, I have a password so logging in should be very tricky.
I might also say that it's not as "dead" as I thought because I pressed shift 5 times and the sticky keys thing popped up with an option to turn it on/off.
Anyways thank you very much guys, I need it working well again asap.
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