Windows 7, detect Samsung 850 Evo, XPS 9550


Feb 28, 2016
I have a DELL XPS 15 9550. From the BIOS I disabled the M.2 disk and install a Samsung 850 evo SSD. I can install Windows 10 without any issues.

Now I want to install Windows 7. During the setup process I get to the point where I have to choose a disk to install the operating system. Windows 7 does not detect any disks though.

I am using a USB to install Windows 7. Using “NTLite” I slipstreamed on the boot.wim and on the install.wim drivers for “Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver”, “Intel USB3 Driver”, “Samsung NVMe Driver” and I even slipstreamed “KB2990941”.

I tried AHCI and Raid configuration in the BIOS but neither worked for Windows 7. It just doesn’t detect the Samsung 850 evo SSD.

What can I do to make Windows 7 detect the Samsung 850 evo SSD during setup on the XPS 9550?
I realize Windows 7 is not supported on the XPS 9550, but I would like to try anyway.

Thank for your help.


Feb 28, 2016

I've placed a folder on the USB, containing drivers. When I get to the point to choose drivers to make the SSD appear, I try to browse the USB but I can't find the folder I created. I've read that this is because the laptop has USB 3 and Windows 7 does not have any drivers for USB 3. But then, how's the setup running? It doesn't make sense. This is why I slipstream.
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