Windows 7 factory reset and operating system questions, please help


May 22, 2016
Hi everyone!  I recently put a different hard-drive in my laptop and it is infested with viruses and incredibly slow, so I am wanting to do a factory reset and reinstall the operating system. Here are some questions I have.

1. What is the best way to do a factory reset?  I just want to erase everything on the hard drive.  I am running windows 7, it appears the laptop does not have a "recovery  partition".

2. Can I download windows 7 or windows online and put it on a USB drive?  I do have a windows 7 home Prem product key sticker on the back of my laptop, if that key was used on a different hard drive for windows 7 can I use it again for a fresh installation on a different hard drive? How do I install windows 7 on a factory reset laptop? Is it difficult?

3. Is it possible download windows 7 or 10 on to my tablets SD card and load it via USB to my laptop?

Thanks so much for any help, it's terrible not having a working computer and I can't afford to get it fixed, so any help would be tremendously appreciated.