Windows fail to start Because of the video card


May 5, 2014
I have a hp pavilion dv6-6150sl. My problem started when the notebook suddenly shut down and after that windows failed to start,i managed to fix the problem by entering in safe mode and disabling the intel video card from Device manager (my hp have 2 video cards amd6770m and Intel 3000HD),doing that the laptop worked fine but everything in the screen was huge and windows 7 couldn't recognize the amd card (i couldn't play games plus catalyst won't work),but other than that everything was ok.
Yesterday my brother did a Restore with hp recovery,and now i can't start windows and i can't access to safe mode.Now all i want to do is to Disable again the intel video card before starting windows,can you help me please.

Sorry for my poor english!


Sep 24, 2013
Dear 6150sl,
You don't have to disable the graphics cards; the AMD graphics card is handy for photoshopping, video-editing, video-games, etc. but is quite power-hungry when compared to the Intel 3000HD chip, which will function as the primary graphics card for most of the time.
If I were you I would, if possible, reactivate the Intel card as it will be seen as the primary graphics chip by your computer. As it happens, Windows might assign a different driver to your intel graphics card; just let it reinstall by itself until you get to see it labelled as Intel Graphics 3000HD in the device manager.
Is it at all possible to describe what happens when you try to turn on your computer; do you see the splash screen (HP Logo), texts like BOOTMGR is missing, lots of colours, etc?
If a message pops up on the screen after booting containing the terms "bootmgr", "ntdlr", or "no bootable device" in a sentence, then you've got a bigger problem.
If you see lots of colours or just a black screen AFTER the splash screen, see if you can connect an external display to your computer and boot it up from there to see what happens {hdmi, dvi, minidisplayport, VGA, etc.} (this may sound odd, but it can work, I tested this today with an HP Envy with an AMD graphics card and Intel 4000HD for someone who deleted the Intel drivers, and fixed their problem.)

Good luck!

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