Windows laptop or tablet for black friday?


Apr 18, 2013
I wasn't sure where the best place to ask this was but I was wondering if someone could give me suggestions for this. I was thinking of getting a Windows 10 laptop/tablet with detachable keyboard as a replacement for my Surface RT.

I found these 2 great deals for black Friday, both will be $99 that day. I just need these for simple web browsing and streaming apps like Hulu or Netflix. I might also use them for some light gaming from the windows store or older games like Halo 2. Here are the two options:

So with those two options, both $99 for black Friday, which Windows 10 device would you recommend I get? Or are there better options I might've missed that costs about the same or even cheaper? Normally I'd probably go with the Lenovo laptop but I kind of like the idea of the detachable screen for the tablet keyboard combo. Thanks!


Sep 16, 2010

Dont buy either of the above laptop/ tablets

30 or 32 GB of mSSD is just too small especially if there is a recovery partition using some of the space.

Especially with Windows 10 updates every year or so which will probably not be able to run

Look for at least 60GB of disk space.

Mike Barnes


Apr 18, 2013

Is there another cheap alternative you'd recommend? Like I said, I'm mainly just looking for something to replace my Surface RT which is primarily just used for web browsing and streaming videos on the go so storage isn't a huge issue for me.
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