Windows Vista fails at startup


Nov 24, 2012
For some reason I am having problems with my computer stating up - it was fine the last time I used it but something must have happened in the meantime as, when I log in, in just goes really slow and eventually locks up. I have had error messages saying something about the NTFS file system on the C:\ drive is corrupt or something. I have tried system restore etc - it says it has no restore points. I have tried system recovery and most of the time it has thrown up an error at the end - something to do with system / file integrity check...but then i did it again this morning and it says there was no problem. I'm stuck now and dont know what to do. I created a recovery disk off the internet and loaded that up - my c:\ drive isnt showing in the list of drives to repair!!!! When I get to the login screen and leave it without putting my password in, eventually a blue screen comes up with a page of text (which I cant read in time) before then shutting down again. Can anyone help me?