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Mar 28, 2017
I bought a very expensive Samsung Smart 4K television along with, what was supposed to b wireless, or, at least, no wired should b visible. I've added an external, SPECIAL, hard drive to show 4K HDR movies or television shows from Fandango. I think the name of the format on Fandango is "Vidity" or something close. Anyway with the 2 or 3 things I've had to add to actually see/hear the 4K Content it has knocked things loose and I now see a lot of speaker wire. Apparently the $2000 I paid best buy to install the equipment with hidden wires was not enough to have them come back out and hide them again. They wanted an additional $350 to come out. I replied with assorted explicit phrases and hung up the phone. If i have to spend more money I would rather try and turn all the speakers into a Bluetooth system if possible. I bought a small wireless transmitter made by TaoTronics (TT-BA01) and it is pretty cool but it's a transmitter. I'm sure I will need more than a handful of those. Can anyone offer up a suggestion or 2 to help this old fart out. I'd like to eliminate as much of the wiring as possible and also keep the latency within an adjustable correction. Thanks and God bless you all for listening (reading) all of it.

In His grip,
James Wann
Bluetooth is one-to-one only - that is, with that transmitter you'll be able to feed one speaker only. There are transmitters which allow for two speakers / headphones to be paired simultaneously (and receive same audio stream), but that is.

If you look at surround sound wireless options, Bluetooth is of no help.

You did not specify what this exposed wiring does, and where it goes. As you know, a picture is worth thousand words ;)
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