Wireless surround sound headphones ≈ $200


Sep 20, 2010
I am in the market for some wireless surround sound headphones. Their main use will be for VR with the vive so corded headphones are out of the question. I have an approximate budget of $200, less is better but if I need to go a few dollars more, I can probably do that. Although these will be used for vr, I would also like to use these for normal gaming, so an attached mic would be a good feature and music/video production which I'm just starting to get into.

Does anyone have any suggests? I had my eye on two manufacturers, turtle beach and sennheiser. These are the two brands I was recommenced by good friends but they couldn't help with the wireless or surround sound part.

I feel like that was all over the place but really what I'm looking for is a pair of wireless, surround sound headphones with the possible addition of a mic and noise canceling for around $200. Thanks everyone!!!!!


Jul 4, 2014
I have a pair of logitec G930s. Good wireless coverage and personally cannot fault the sound although I'm not the biggest audiophile in the world. They should be around the $100 mark now I would think. I can wear them all day without any discomfort and the built in 'G' buttons are handy as they can be programmed using the logitec software to carry out macros etc in certain scenarios. Theyhave 7.1 surround sound that can be toggled on and off too with a switch on their side too. The built in mic is of fair quality too.

I expect there are better cans out there but for a good general all round wireless headset I can't complain my self. (I've never found turtle beach very comfortable to wear for extended periods, but thats my personal opinion and you might find them quite comfy)
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