Wooden laptop project - help with fitting motherboard & HD


Aug 16, 2016
OK, the casing for the wooden laptop is 90% complete. I have to add the motherboard and I am not sure how to go. This is all taking longer than I intended but work is harsh!

Anyway, in the original MSI u135dx case the motherboard was fixed in place via screws under the keyboard and then by screws from plastic 'pillars' in the bottom of the case affixing the bottom of the case to the MB. Well, you cannot do that with wood since you cannot mold wood like you can plastic.

Should I just attach the motherboard to the keyboard section: It does mean seeing screws everywhere but I am not worried about that. The machine is not exactly going to be a work of art as it is! Attaching the MB to the keyboard and affixing the keyboard mounting to the base is relatively easy.

Or should I go with attaching it to the keyboard mounting and then screwing up with plastic pillars from the base to fix the MB placement holes? I do not know which would be more stable. The plastic casing was basically affixed to the MB but the wooden casing can't do that and so has space between the MB and the base - which could be good for airflow, mind.

Affixing directly to the keyboard section, as I say, would be a lot easier. But is the MB safe while on the move if it is just screwed in? I am assuming yes but just checking. This laptop will be on the move and not sitting in one place as a desktop replacement - otherwise I would have a desktop.

In a similar fashion... the heaviest single component in the laptop bar the battery is the hard disk - an old 5400 RPM 320GB HD. This means gravity is going to pull the HD down from the MB. I imagine all will be well but I have had a thought… Would it be worth adding small but of wood, a 'pillar' if you will with foam rubber to the base of the laptop right under the HD to help hold it in place? Would it help with weight and stability or am I missing something obvious and dangerous here?

Thanks in advance. No far from complete. If the electronics have not busted after being exposed to the elements then it could be finished soon.


May 24, 2011
Wow, interesting project. Do you have any pictures?

I'm afraid that not many people have experience with a build like this, and we won't really be able to offer solid advice. I think it's up to you, which design can realistically create and which one will be more reliable?

Sorry but I think you're on your own. Maybe if you posted pictures showing exactly what you mean more people would pitch in with their opinions.