Question Would really appreciate help with TV streaming apps - sudden loss of subtitles

Dec 6, 2019
I have used Cyberflix (and several other tv streaming apps) for some time now and am quite au fait with them. I have never had a problem regarding subtitles before.

I would select a movie, or an episode of a series, press play (or cast) with subtitles and then up would come a list of different subtitles to choose from either or subscene, no problem. Occasionally there might be no subs available for a particular movie/episode but that was a rare occurrence. Also, sometimes, the subs might be wrong or out of sync for the episode/movie, but then I would just go back and select a different sub until I got the right one. There was one short period where subscene and/or was/were offline but I can't quite remember which and when.... but the subs were back within a day or so.

My problem is (as of four or five days ago) that I get the "no data" message for ALL tv streaming apps. Can't get a subtitle for love nor money and it's utterly frustrating. I have hiked the length and breadth of the internet in search of an answer and just cannot come up with a solution.

I have cleared caches, uninstalled and reinstalled (Cyberflix, for example). I have tried selecting "play with MX Player" and attempted to get subs in that way, but then I get the message "no internet" within MX Player. I thought that maybe my internet provider had blocked something, but I have tried from other providers and get the same problem.

I am totally stumped and have come here with high hopes that some kind soul with a bigger brain than I will say "Ha, it's SO simple to fix... just do.... this or that......"!!

Anyway. I shall stick at my research and hopefully my Christmas wish of just having my subtitles back might come true. :)
Issue with services like that is they rely on pretty much illegal content re-sharing and just collect it in one place. So whatever issues you have with it, is not really supported since they don't deal with what is sent out through the program. The answer is to use legal movie and show streams like Netflix, Hulu, etc...