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We're doing a survey in order to gauge which phone is the best to upgrade, and we're collecting feedback from our readers on which phone is the best to recommend. We'll be taking your responses and comparing them to our Editorial Team's Best Picks for Smartphones.

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Apr 7, 2008

I can't upgrade until I use up all the microSIMs in the stack. I'm stuck with my Nexus 5.

They are prefunded SIMs so as long as I port-in/port-out every month can just pay the "first month" rate instead of the full monthly fee.

It means I pay about <$50/year in phone costs. Sometimes they hand prefunded SIMs out or sell them for $1 each.

If I were to stop buying SIM cards today, I would have enough to last until 11 July 2023.

This works for me since porting is free in Australia, so I keep the same ph number always.

All I have to do is tell them my previous number + provide ID.

Yes I have a nanoSIM cutter. I briefly had a Nexus 5X handed down to me, but they break if I trim them. My Nexus 5 is a nightmare.