Question Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 only turns on & remains on with charger attached. Fully charged battery with correct status capable 16 hours "FastBoot" mode operation

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Apr 7, 2020
HELP! My Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 with Android 8.1, less than 1 year old and a truly fully charged battery doesn't want to turn on without being attached to the charger. It also abruptly turns “off” when the charger is detached.
I've done an interesting thing to know that the battery is fully charged . While turned "off" and not attached to the charger, constantly holding the "power & vol-down" buttons for a few seconds will cause the device to enter "fastboot" mode for 9 seconds during which the screen is active. I use rubber bands to hold the buttons constantly. Every 15 seconds the device enters "fastboot" mode. It takes 16 hours to bring the battery from 100% to 0% charge status. I've used this method to discharge the battery a few times. I recharge the device with it powered "on", recharging from 0% to 100%.
It doesn’t make sense that replacing the battery would fix this problem since the OS is capable of realizing the actual charge status of the battery.
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