XMedia Recode - Where´s the bottleneck


Jun 13, 2013
Hey there,

I have been using XMedia Recode now for quite some time to recode my videos to be optimied for my PC/tablet/TV and it just got me curious where my bottleneck (hardware wise) is.

What I mean by that is, when the program runs my CPU (i7-4770k @ 4.2) never exceeds 77% usage. Which means something else is holding it back, right?
My RAM usage never exceeds 6.5/8GB and I did a test run recoding from and to my HDD and my SSD and it took exactly the same time.
So, it´s neither a RAM nor a HDD bottleneck, right?

I know I could make the recoding process faster by changing some settings but I am just curious what is holding it back hardwarewise.
Video encoding / decoding performance depends a lot on the way the software is written - e.g. whether it is multithreaded-aware, how many parallel threads are running, etc. You might want to check with software vendor for recommendations.