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    Question How to Find Which Component is bottlenecking a Program?

    If I am running a program or more specifically, a game, how do I know that which component(CPU/GPU/Disk) is affecting the gameplay? Please Explain in detail with examples.. Thank You
  2. R

    Solved! Bad CPU and Good GPU, Why am I getting such low usage? (Bottleneck Questions)

    Specs are: GTX 1070 sc 8gb Core i7-3630qm 16gb ram 500gb SSD I know my CPU is bad, I don't want to hear how I need to buy a new cpu, I get it, I'm working on it. These things are expensive. Anyway I know it should be mega bottlenecking the 1070, so I'm just wondering why the usage is so low...
  3. C

    Would this be VR Ready?

    Would this build be VR ready / can anyone tell if there are any bottlenecks or incompatibility's please? CPU: Intel - Core i5-8600K 3.6 GHz 6-Core CPU Cooler: Corsair - H100i v2 70.69 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard: Asus - ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING ATX LGA1151 Motherboard RAM: Corsair -...
  4. M

    Will my gpu bottleneck?

    So I just bought pieces to build my first gaming pc. When deciding on a graphics card I decided to go big. After looking around I found a gigabyte aorus geforce gtx 1080 ti extreme edition 11gb for a fairly reasonable price. How ever, after binding myself to the purchase I realised that the rest...
  5. S

    Bottleneck or not

    I was looking for a gaming laptop that fits my budget and ticks most of the boxes. While doing my research I came across 'HP OMEN 15 CE-073TX 2017'. Specs : 1)Display - 15.6", 1080p full hd, 120 Hz Ips screen. 2) Processor - i5 7300hq (2.5 Ghz upto 3.5 Ghz), 6Mb cache and 4 cores. 3) Graphics...
  6. A

    i5 7300HQ + GTX 1060 6GB or i7 7700HQ + GTX1060 6GB

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy either one of the following gaming laptop with the following specs below: 1) i5 7300HQ + GTX 1060 6GB + 8 RAM + 120hz IPS panel 2) i7 7700HQ + GTX 1060 6GB + 8 RAM + 60hz IPS panel There is a price difference of $150 with the second option being more expensive. I...
  7. Z

    Need help finding compatible motherboard for the CPU I want to upgrade to

    I currently have an A10 Kaveri APU and it's bottlenecking my 1050Ti. I'm considering upgrading to an i3 and I'm trying to find a compatible motherboard which supports DDR3 RAM and has DualBOIS. Any help is appreciated.
  8. W

    which games can i run?

    hello everyone! i am a little bit confused about if my gpus will bottleneck. i have threadripper 1900x 16gb corsair vengeance 3000mhz cl15 2x amd r9 255(oem) will the gpus bottleneck i will be running them in crossfire.
  9. T

    Will laptop bottleneck the GTX 1060 ?

    I have a Lenovo U41-70. CPU: i5-5500U 2.4GHz (2 cores, 4 threads). RAM: 2x4GB DDR3. GPU: GT 920M 2GB. Since I don't have enough money yet to build a PC and it will take me another year of saving money, I really want to use an EGPU instead. But how bad the bottleneck will be and will it worth...
  10. B

    Will a 144hz monitor bottleneck my laptop?

    I was wondering if the Acer GN246HL would bottleneck my laptop? Personally the only game I play is OSU!, and I will only be watching movies. However, I am still scared that my graphics card (GeForce 940m) would struggle to run the monitor. Currently my laptop screen is to small and its making me...
  11. bailojustin

    ACER Aspire R15 (R5-571T-57Z0) Has 4GB RAM

    I recently purchased 4 Acer Aspire R15 (R5-571T-57Z0). Upon receiving them the first thing I do is open them up to see how well the laptop was assembled, the quality of components, and just a general check that everything matches up. I UNDERSTAND EMBEDDED ONBOARD MEMORY. First what stood out...
  12. S

    does my computer bottleneck 1060

    Hello i bought 1060 today and i wonder does my pc bottleneck it. specs -amd fx6350 -palit super jetstream 1060 -8gb ram -asus m5a97 2.0 -chieftec 500w iarena -1tb hdd
  13. C

    Is Intel G3258 going to bottleneck GTX 1050ti 4gb?

    i was planning to buy new computer,specifications are: CPU: Intel G3258 3.2 ghz GPU: GTX 1050ti 4gb RAM: 8gb ddr3 So,is intel g3258 going to bottleneck gtx 1050ti?
  14. D

    Will a Core i3 2370M and 4GB of Ram bottleneck a SSD ?

    The title says it all. Help is appreicated. Thanks in advance.
  15. B

    Can I upgrade my GPU on my laptop?

    Hi my laptop is Elitebook 8540p I want to upgrade my GPU like Radeon HD 7970M,because it will not bottleneck my laptop.Here is the spec: Intel i5 520m 2.40GHz Nvidia NVS 5100M 8 GB Ram Or can someone give me a gpu laptop if I can upgrade my gpu laptop....a gpu that ain't bottlenecking,but a...
  16. N

    Solved! Which will bottleneck video editing first?

    Going to be picking up one of the new 13 inch MacBook Pros to do some video editing on the road. The base model for the Touch Bar ones has a 2.9GHz dual-core i5 and 8GB of RAM. If I'm editing 1080p video in Final Cut Pro X, which of those two specs slow down my process first? Going to 16GB of...
  17. P

    MSI Gl62 6QD - upgrade cpu?

    Is it possible to upgrade the cpu in my Gl62 6qd? It currently bottlenecks some games including csgo....
  18. C

    New laptop horrendously slow, would buying more RAM + installing an SSD help or will the CPU bottleneck it?

    I bought a laptop for my girlfriend to help her with her college work. Didn't want to spend too much but I thought the laptop I bought would have handled things such as browsing the web, facebook and Microsoft office with ease however this is not the case. It freezes up with simple tasks such...
  19. D

    Will the i7 2860qm bottleneck the 970M 6GB in my MSI laptop

    Hi, Just bought a 970m for my MSI GT780DXR, just wanted to know if the i7-2860qm would bottleneck the graphics card in anyway. If its not good enough should I go for a i7 2960xm, or buy a new laptop as it is old? Current specs: i7-2860qm AMD 7970M 16GB DDR3 1TB HDD+256GB SSD
  20. J

    R9 270x cant run BF1 on low. HELP

    Hey guys this is my rig: R9 270x I5 4470k 3.4 ghz 8 gb DDR3 ram Heres the problem, I load up BF1 and I get about 10 fps on the lowest graphics. Ive seen videos on youtube of people easily managing to play it on medium/high with a similar set up. Does anyone know what I might be doing...
  21. T

    Kaby Lake Ultrabooks: Mobile CPU bottlenecking w/ Razer Core

    Hey guys, I'm looking at a new utlrabook to go along with a razer core and I am wondering how long until the CPUs become the bottlenecks. I'm debating between the New XPS 13 (w/ i5) and the New Razer Blade Stealth (w/ i7). Both around $999 and releasing this week. FYI the old XPS 13 has been...
  22. X

    GTX1070 And AMD Chip Bottlenecking

    so im planning to upgrade to a GTX 1070 from my R9 280 (Specifically this 1070: and I was planning to upgrade my AMD FX-6300 to a FX-8350. either way, going to a 1070 card from a r9 280 is a...
  23. A

    Intel Celeron 2950m bottleneck Gtx 960m?

    Would a laptop dual core Intel Celeron 2950m at 2ghz bottleneck a Gtx 960m 2gb?????
  24. F

    laptop heat bottleneck performance need a solution

    So I have a Y700 gaming laptop from Lenovo, my specs: i7 6700HQ gtx 960m , I actually play BF4 on low locked at 60 fps after some hours of gaming (3 hours) the temperature raise to 75C, and I have discovered that only 58% of the gpu is in load, so I have raised graphics to high and after 30mins...
  25. C

    Is my laptop bottlenecking?

    Hello! I brought and customized this laptop myself two year ago, and it has been having issues playing any games at all, since I first got it. Even a game of Chess, I find it to be laggy and unresponsive after opening and closing the application. I played League of Legend, it start off fine...
  26. B

    Will Razer Blade Stealth bottleneck a 1070? or 1080?

    So I'm going to be heading off to university soon and am looking for a new laptop. I am really interested in getting the Razer Blade Stealth, mostly because it looks amazing and is very light and portable. I am also thinking of buying the Razer Core and most likely a 1070 with it. I have a...
  27. W

    will my cpu be a bottleneck? (amd a10 5800k @ 4.2ghz)

    im wanting to buy a gtx 960 (i currently have a gtx 730) im wondering if the upgrade will be bottlenecked or not? currently i play csgo but as i sold my xbox i want to play games such as gta v or arma and definitly forza apex
  28. M

    Will i5-2400 : bottleneck : AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series / XFX 7800 Series Ghost

    Hello, Recently wondering if my CPU / GPU will get bottle necked System : Processor : i5-2400 @3.1Ghz Ram : 8GB 64-bit Operating System Graphics Card : AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series "New to PC" - I have a bad build, but I am a console gamer :) -What fps will I get with cs:go?
  29. E

    Razer Blade/Core Cpu bottleneck?

    So I was looking at getting the 2016 Razer Blade which has a 2.6-GHz Intel Core-i7-6700HQ that boost to 3.5 GHz. I was wondering how it would work along side a 980 ti or 1070. Would the Cpu bottleneck it?
  30. D

    PCIe 1.1 1x for eGPU, how bad is the bottleneck?

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook Pro mid 2010 17" (Macbook Pro 6.1); Intel Core i7 (2,8 GHz, 256KB L2 cache, 4MB L3 cache); 8 GB RAM 1066MHz, SSD; NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB, running MacOSX and Windows 7. It has an ExpressCard Slot equipped; This slot offers an interface for a PCIe 1.1 1x...
  31. S

    Dell e6230 egpu

    Could I use a gtx 950 through egpu expresscard to a Dell latitude e6230? Will the cpu bottleneck that card?
  32. E

    How is this setup? Clevo p375sm i7 4810mq 16gb ddr3 ram with 970m 6gb sli, would i have any bottlenecks?, i know that a deskto

    Advice about 970m sli laptop
  33. D

    can my laptops cpu handle a radeon hd 7970 for a external gpu?

    I was thinking about getting an external gpu on and hook it up to my laptop. Will the radeon hd7970 work with my i5-4210U?
  34. M

    Why would an I3 bottleneck a 980m mobility GPU?

    People have mentioned an I3 would bottleneck it. I am confused why people are so content about getting I5s and I7s. Does it have something to do with the cache size in the CPU unit? Also, can you speed up that cache? Is it done by overclocking the whole CPU unit Cheers.
  35. F

    Does the cpu bottleneck the gpu?

    I have an HP Probook 455 G1, the specs are: Processor: AMD A4-4300M APU 2.5 GHz with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2GB Ram: 4GB, but the system shows 3.3GB i don't know if that is important For instance in games increasing the resolution doesn't change the fps by much, but just...
  36. D

    Will it bottleneck

    Okay guys so im getting a Gaming Laptop :pt1cable: cant wait but will a Intel i3 4110m Processer bottleneck a GTX 860m 2gb card? Thanks
  37. M

    Alienware laptop for me?

    So I've been looking into a new laptop and decided on this one- But, the price rose from $1,099 to $1299, And there's no way I can spend that atm as my current budget is around $1,250 with the two...
  38. S

    Will Expresscard 2.0 bottleneck a gtx 750 ti sc?

    Well I need to get a different GPU on my laptop, I know that a desktop is better but I don't have enough money and I will not save up that long (takes me 3 months to save up $200), I have been looking at this I...
  39. L

    Which graphics card

    So I have this medium-end PC. I just recently upgraded by graphics card from the integrated (Radeon HD 8670D) to a dedicated GPU(Geforce GT 720). I only have a 300 watt power supply, but I want a more decent GPU. Any recommendations that won't destroy my CPU or any other parts as well as not...
  40. D

    Will i3 bottleneck a GTX860m?

    I have the choice between the following: i5 4210m, GTX 840m with 2GB DDR3, 8GB RAM (1600MHz), 1366x768 15.6" screen - £590 i3 4000m, GTX 860m with 2GB DDR5, 4GB RAM (1600MHz), 1920x1080 13.3" IPS screen - £591 i3 4000m, GTX 850m with 2GB DDR3, 4GB RAM (1600MHz), 1920x1080 15.6" screen - £577...
  41. Z

    i5-4460 bottleneck a r9 270x 2gb?

    title? i just want to know because im helping a friend build and this is what i laid out for him
  42. X

    I3 3110m bottleneck to gt650m? Here is the image while playing nba 2k15 at 18 fps average. My friend with 840m and i7-4710 has no problem running it.
  43. G

    LaptopNinja- best gaming laptop for under $500? Which of the laptops in this list do you think would be the best for gaming? I was eyeing the Acer Aspire E5-571G-38VF ($499.99): Intel Pentium N3540 Quad-Core 2.16 GHz Processor (2 MB Cache) 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM 1 TB 5400...
  44. K

    i7 3630qm w/ GT 650m SLI vs i5 4200h GTX 850m?

    I'm getting a gaming laptop, I was wondering if I should get a: Lenovo Y500: i7 3630qm Gt 650m Sli or the dell Inspiron 14 7447: i5 4200h gtx 850m. I know that the...
  45. X

    Msi ge60(2012) bottlenecked? I3 3110m and 650m

    System spec: i3 3110m 2.4ghz gt 650m 2gb ddr5 8 gb ram 1333mhz 500 gb hdd 5000rpm gpu usage always below 99% and/or spike up down while gaming. Only stable while on menus and sometimes during cutscenes. fps changes minimal to none when changing graphics quality of games. ran far cry 4 on ultra...
  46. Trave

    Huge bottleneck or just fine?

    E7600 and an ASUS GTX 750.
  47. cm0scm0s

    Will i7 4710MQ Bottleneck 970m SLI or 980m

    Hey guys im going to buy a gaming laptop, Max resolution 1080p , Ultra settings, Always V-Sync and max anti-alias. I will also emulate dolphin( not max) . So i want to buy the (on a budget so im just getting 2x4gb ram and no hdd) (also selling my 560ti + i5 2550k) desktop to aford it, but if...
  48. D

    Help figuring out the bottleneck

    Firstly hello there :) First time in those forums Ok here it goes, Its been more than a month that I'm trying to figure the bottleneck and I can't seem to find it so I thought I will try my luck here. First the specs of my computer: -Windows 7 64Bit -Seasonic 1050X -ASUS p9x79 WS motherboard...
  49. Panays

    Will 4gb RAM bottleneck my GPU?

    Hi, i recently ordered a Lenovo G510 for my studies and a bit for gaming, the specs are: -intel i7 4700MQ -AMD r7 -4gb RAM -1TB SHDD 5400rpm My Questions is will 4gb bottleneck my Laptop? According to this the...
  50. R

    i7 4510u and gt 850m 4GB -- bottleneck ?

    i am going to buy HP ENVY 15 k005tx . I just want to know whether there will be any bottleneck effect if we consider the combination of i7 4510u and GT 850m (4gb) ?
  51. R

    MPCIe 1.1 bottlenecks a PCIe 3.0 Card?

    I bought the MSI R7 240 2GD3 LP which is PCIe 3.0 (desktop card) I use the PE4L which has a 1x connection to connect a desktop gpu to my laptop but my laptop's MPCIe port supports v1.1. Will there be a big bottleneck if I use the R7 240 card with the PE4L in my laptop (acer aspire 5741)? I...
  52. D

    pair a I3-4000m with GTX850m

    so i want to order customize laptop with this basic spek : CPU - i3-4000m GPU - gtx850m 15.6 HD resolution 4gb ddr3 500gb HDD will i3 bottleneck the gtx850m ? i need this laptop to play some casual games and maybe some high demand gaming , like Watch Dog or Thief maybe or BF4 if i can play those...
  53. H

    [Acer E1-570G] Will the CPU heavily bottleneck the GPU ? i3-3217U GeForce GT 740M Will use it gaming and solidworks (not heavy work). What are your thoughts ?
  54. A

    i5 4200m bottleneck single 755m

    Hi, just wanted to ask that will he 4200m bottleneck a 755m....basically i want to play crysis 3 @ high 1366*768 res at 30fps,same for battlefield 4.Single player only as i know that quadcores help in multiplayer.Basically the i7 is costing around 150$ more& sli is not available in my...
  55. K

    MSI GX60 or Lenovo Ideapad Y510

    I will mainly use this for gaming and some school. I am edging towards the GX60 because I customized it on xoticpc. I have 16GB RAM, 1 TB + 750GB. And for the lenovo I have only 16GB RAM upgraded. I have heard that the GX60's CPU bottlenecks the computer. But the Y510 has dual Nvidia Geforce...
  56. M

    Is the i5-4200M laptop CPU good enough for gaming?

    Considering the i5-4200M 2.5GHz dual core processor, paired with Nvidia GTX 760M on a 1600*900 screen. From notebookcheck: the 760M is quite a good gpu which can play (most) 2013 games on high so I'm worried the 4200M wont keep...
  57. G

    GX60 bottlenecking GPU?

    I need help! I want to buy the MSI GX60 with an AMD Radeon HD 8970M GPU and an AMD A10-5750 quadcore for its processor. But i've been seeing some people claiming that the cpu is bottlnecking the GPU. I need your thoughts on this guys. :) please answer back :D
  58. S

    i3 3227u 1.9ghz bottlenecking cpu?

    Hello guys :) ,my name is Stefan i have Dell Ispiron 3521 (i3 3227u 1.9ghz, 8730m 2gb, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz,500gb 5400rmp) i have question if i3 3227u bottlenecking the 8730m ?
  59. S

    XMedia Recode - Where´s the bottleneck

    Hey there, I have been using XMedia Recode now for quite some time to recode my videos to be optimied for my PC/tablet/TV and it just got me curious where my bottleneck (hardware wise) is. What I mean by that is, when the program runs my CPU (i7-4770k @ 4.2) never exceeds 77% usage. Which...
  60. N

    Fresh OS installation on New HDD

    Hello, I am trying to upgrade my Lenovo Y400 HDD as I believe it bottlenecks the system. However, I am unsure of what to do after installing a fresh NTFS formatted HDD into the laptop. I have tried putting the recovery disc into the laptop but nothing works. I hope clonning the old harddisk can...