y510P ram not usable


Oct 19, 2012
So i ordered this Y510p and got it yesterday. its awesome i absolutely love it but i noticed this...


I have 8GB of ram in it (that came factory installed) 2X4GB i also have the SLI

my question is are the Video cards taking up this 6GB of ram? i was under the impression that they had their own dedicated memory, not shared. even if the video cards are 2Gb ram, meaning that only 4GB would be used, leaving 4GB for everything else.

ive attempted to update the bios and everything else, all of them saying allready up to date. just curious why this is


So I did a little digging.... when I got my laptop I took out the crappy 1TB 5400RPM hard drive and put in my Samsung 840 Pro SSD. This SSD had windows 8 64 Bit already installed on it (was in my other laptop till it died) now when im on the original 1TB 5400 RPM drive it shows up as this

What could be causing this? I mean the 2GB and SSD is still a million times faster then the 1TB with 7.73GB of ram (AND the SSD has a ton of programs and stuff on it...) but while playing BF3 I was noticing that the ram was all used up so I would like to get this resolved.

I know I know reinstall windows and it will take care of it... it probly would but I have a ton of programs and stuff on the ssd and I don't really want to go thru the trouble of that again...

any help is appreciated. thank you very much.