Yamaha reciever not seeing speakers


Oct 19, 2016
I have been using my Yamaha HTR-6130 for the past few years connected to my PC. I have 5 speaker Polk surround and subwoofer hooked up to the Yamaha and the receiver connected to my PC via optical cable. This has worked flawlessly for me since I hooked it up.

Last night I unplugged everything on my pc and receiver to re-arrange cords with the new desk I built. Upon reconnecting everything the speakers no longer work and do not seem to even be recognized by the receiver. I clipped the ends of the speaker wire for all speakers to no avail. The display on the Yamaha shows only left and right speaker icons, but even those do not work.

This morning I booted it up and all the speakers showed up on the display, but would flicker. the sound worked. but seemed to cut when the speaker icons flickered. Thinking it must be some interference with the speaker wire, I took them all out, made sure all the ends were twisted tightly and not touching any metal on the receiver and hooked it back up. Nothing again. Just L and R and no sound from either. I am at a loss. hopefully someone here might be able to offer suggestions. I have only the one optical cord, but i can see the light in the end before I plug it into the receiver so I'm fairly certain it's not that.
The display on the receiver doesn't show the status of the speakers It could detect speakers if it came with a microphone for setup but only while you where running setup. Otherwise it can't.
The display shows the status of the input to the receiver.

Can you test your speakers using the Test Tone function? Or using the FM Radio? If the speakers do not work with this, or on the radio, chances are two things:
1) You shorted two wires together and broke the amplifier.
2) You have bad solder joints in your amp, and they need repairs.

Either way, please test the radio or the test tone and report back. ^^