Question Yamaha RX-A760 Zone2 Issues / Sounds Terrible

Mar 29, 2020
Hi Everyone,

New to the forum and to home audio all together. My house had in celling speakers and and outdoor speaker wired ( still needed speakers ). I put all these in and really enjoy them except the zone2 speaker sounds terrible.

I have a Yamaha RX-A760 with 5.1 surround ( 2 fronts, 1 center, 2 rears and a sub ). I then have a kilpsch AW-650 outside. I have been please with the receiver and the inside speakers but the outside zone 2 setup sounds like crap. Under powered and very muffled. I typically am streaming Spotify etc to the Zone two speaker and have read that this might be the problem because some amps will make that signal mono? If that is the case what is the word is the point of this zone 2? I mean it barely has enough power or sound to be heard. Is there a way to fix this? Could there be any other issue? Any suggestions because this outside speaker is unusable.

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
Did you assign the amp to deliver the correct signal to the output (EXTRA SP1 or EXTRA SP2)? If not, you'll get the surround 'presence' signal and NOT full L/R stereo signal. So yes, it would sound a bit strange. To be sure, see page 43 and page 110 "Power Amp Assign" of your manual and select "Basic" to be sure a full stereo signal is presented to that amp. I'm not sure whether or not you'll need to turn off DSP or whether that's even necessary, but you can experiment in order to be sure to get the full program material without anything being processed as "surround." BTW, you mentioned only having one speaker outside, which means no stereo. The DSP may have a mono setting - experiment.
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