Yamaha RX V567 receiver FM tuner

Jan 26, 2019
Encountered an issue with the FM tuner. It only produces a static hissing noise even the stations were indicated as tuned. I checked my antenna connection & its good. I suspect the FM tuner is broken, any tips of what can be done if I like to self repair?
This is pretty recent receiver, and I doubt it's made to be easy fixable. If you know what you're doing - open it up, and check itside. If the tuner is on a separate board, check whether signal is coming out of this board.

Otherwise - check with Yamaha what are your repair options.
I doubt that repair would be economical.
You can connect an external AM/FM tuner. There are many many great used tuners out there for less than $100.
I would suggest you consider going to internet radio.
You can use an Amazon Echo Dot or Connect and get your radio over the internet. Cost would be about $30 and you get Alexa control.
You can use a Sonos Connect or Denon Heos Link for internet radio and access to streaming services. Price is steeper at $349.
Did this EVER worked? Some tuner you have to configure it for the country you are operating it under which have slightly different frequency locks. When tuned, what does the strength meter says, you get "full 5 bars?" Suspect input selector needs cleaning.
Jan 26, 2019

Yes it worked all the while until it suddenly had this problem. Initially I thought was a loose or bad connection at the antenna cable, but this has been checked & is not the case. There is no number of bars, it is digital & is just stated it is tuned. I tried to re-scan the channel & it was able to search & locate the next station & it indicated as tuned. However the only sound I here is a hissing sound from the amp.
Amp is ok cos playing DVD player or TV o/p to the amp, working fine.
Yes since then I plugged in an external FM player to the AUX input to playback from radio stations.
Just that I was hoping somebody might have clues in a possible DIY fix if they had faced with the same issue.
A search around the internet did not indicate that this is a common issue with this amp.
Likely I may have to live with the ext FM player.
OK then since it was able to "lock" to a station, the antenna/input part sounds OK, so if it was me, I give it a shot at cleaning the input selector knob (mechanical). If the selector is a bunch of buttons (digital) then more difficult. Your call.
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