Question Bluetooth connectivty to Yamaha RX-V471 receiver

Nov 7, 2019
I am looking for assistance to connect a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver to my Yamaha RX-V471 receiver. To help with a hearing issue, I would like to be able to hear sound from the Samsung television to both my surround sound speakers as well as a Bluetooth headset simultaneously. Can this be done or am I restricted to one sound output at a time? If not, is it possible to put Bluetooth splitter on television and run one hdmi to receiver and other to Bluetooth transmitter? Thanks!
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Since the AVR doesn't have any audio outputs (digital or analog) you will have to get the audio for the BT transmitter from the TV.
I don't know of a BT transmitter that accepts HDMI so you will need to either use an optical audio splitter if the TV has optical out or an HDMI-ARC audio extractor
All your sources have to be connected to the TV directly for that to work. TV has to be set to output in PCM stereo and you won't get surround sound from the AVR.
Nov 7, 2019
Thanks for the info. It appears that I am out of luck with having audio go both to the receiver and headphones. The television is a new Samsung with Bluetooth. According to Samsung, due to design limitations the television cannot send audio both to the receiver and Bluetooth.
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