Question Yamaha yas-108 makes static/crackling noise on bassy low sounds

Dec 8, 2019
I just got this soundbar and everything has been great, but I noticed it makes very subtle static/crackling whenever there is a very low droning noise in a movie. It's as if the soundbar can't take the low frequency or something. Is this normal? I've only noticed it whenever I plug my laptop into my TV to watch movies.
Since the so called "subwoofers" in the soundbar are 3" speakers they are extremely limited in how loud they can play. The more bass information the more easily over driven they can get. If the noise goes away when you reduce the volume then the soundbar can't play that bass that loud.
I would think that Yamaha would limit their output to make the problem you are having less apparent. Contact Yamaha and ask them if this is normal. Might be defective.
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