Crackling noise in headphones / electricity issues?

Dec 7, 2018
So this is a very strange issue. I just got a new laptop last week - it works perfectly fine but I realised there's a strong crackling/buzzing noise in my headphones when I plug them to the laptop. It does it with every set of headphones I've got, and it does it even when the laptop isn't charging. I thought there was an issue with the jack itself - until I moved to a different room and the noise stopped completely.
Then I started testing all sorts of things. The noise can be subtle or very strong. It sounds like it comes in waves. It only appears when my laptop is sitting on my desk, in my bedroom. It doesn't do it with other laptops. And it looks like it has something to do with my multi-outlet:
-multi-outlet plugged into wall, turned OFF, nothing plugged into it: no noise
-multi-outlet plugged into wall, turned ON, nothing plugged into it: low noise
-multi-outlet plugged into wall, turned ON, anything plugged into it (laptop charger, lamp, phone charger, only one of those, all at once...): strong noise
-multi-outlet plugged into wall, turned OFF, anything plugged into it: strong noise

There is a strong noise even when the multi-outlet is NOT plugged into the wall, and also when there is no multi-outlet anywhere in the room, and nothing is plugged into the wall.

When I stand on the left side of my desk, the noise is VERY strong. When I stand on the right side, no noise at all. When I touch my laptop the noise goes away. At this point I don't know if the problem comes from the laptop itself, the electricity in our flat, some radio waves interfering, I have no clue. I've asked google, but haven't found anything quite like this on forums.
If anyone has an idea where the problem might come from, I'd love some help. I can still take the laptop back to the shop if it looks like it's got something wrong.
Dec 7, 2018

Yup. As I said, the noise is there even when my laptop is not charging. I've tried different outlets and also with no outlets at all, still the same. It's a mistery to me.
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