You should consider canceling Netflix for July 2023 — here’s why

Jul 3, 2023
The numbers do not lie. And Netflix has steadily been increasing
it’s subscriber. Also, it is actually somewhat misleading suggesting
that people should consider canceling their monthly subscription.
Especially when Netflix has already got such diverse strong content.
Good examples of Netflix’s existing content being;-
Extraction 2, Fuba, Stranger Things, Dark, The Witcher,
Black Mirror, The Night Agent, Beef, You, The Sandman,
Ozark, Outer Banks, Lupin, Wednesday, Alice in Borderland,
Top Boy, Squid Games, Castelvania. Just to name a few.
Only HBO competes with Netflix original content.

However one has to acknowledge that, the majority of people
will tend to skip specific streaming networks whom just
have extremely mediocre content.
(And will channel surf looking for something interestin)
Something which Disney+ (although no one can doubt
Disney’s extensive classic films, animation library.
But it’s original content is very weak.

Apart from Netflix and HBO, the other standout
Streaming network is Apple+.
Apple+ has continued to produce several standout
original shows, like Foundation, See, For All Mankind,
Silo (which is absolutely brillian), Severance.

Paramount+ has got some excellent show.
But apart from the Star Trek Tv franchise, simply
cannot compete with either Amazon Prime or