Youtube Upload only quality issues.

Nuno Gralha

Jan 16, 2015
Youtube videos seem blocky and pixelated only when i upload them tho. im using shadowplay 1080p at 60 fps.

Tried all bit rates available on SP, still its not that unwatchable, but someone with a good eye can see.

What should i do?

Ive also used sony vegas and ffmpeg to encode them see if gets better, and nothing worked.

Maybe its Shadowplay format. but happened the same with OBS and Fraps.

I usually just drag the video into the upload option, theres nothing else there.

Once again, what can i do to improve the quality?
Yeah, youtube compresses all video uploaded. The only think you can really do is upsample to 4k in Sony Vegas as youtube will increase the bitrate on your video becuase of it.