ZTE Zmax Pro: Go Big for a Bargain


Sep 22, 2016
Lauren's review nails it. After two weeks I'm pleased with the phone. Note-taking with OneNote via stylus input is very important to me so the 6.0 screen is better than the prior 5.5 LG3 and 5.7 Note that I owned.

The screen is good but not great. Reading print content, type is very clear but I wished it would deliver a crisper black.

I have had no problems with processor lags. Battery does not get me through a whole day. Other reviewers have reported that charging takes a lot of time but I have not found this to be true. Lauren writes correctly that the camera is mediocre. The video, though, is quite poor in both picture and sound.

So the phone meets my primary need for note-taking quite well and it passable in other ways. Not bad for a $99 purchase.

I n my case I see the phone as an interim purchase until a higher end 6.4 inch phone comes out. Maybe Lenovo Phab Pro 2 will be the one.