Allow Users to Access Internet Only Mon-Fri

BitDefender is a complete antivirus software provided by Softwin. BitDefender is loaded with a bundle of features such as antivirus, antispyware, firewall, privacy control, PC tuner, performance optimizer and many more which are available for corporate and personal users for personal and professional usability.

BitDefender also allows its users to control various parental features such as limiting unauthorized users to use internet for a certain period of time, or managing a list of websites and software applications to be allowed or barred for access.

Many times parents are required to keep a watch over children’s activities over the internet or users are required to limit the access of internet service on a particular system for certain amount of time. This task can be easily managed by BitDefender using its parental and privacy control options, which has an easy to use interface, and can be managed by password for maintaining privacy and security. This tutorial guides you about the steps required to manage users for allowing internet usage for the desired time period only.

Steps to allow users to access internet only from Monday- Friday by using BitDefender Total Security:

    ■Log on to Windows using administrators account.

    ■Initialize the BitDefender Total Security program.

    ■Switch over the Parental Control module tab given at left pane of the interface.

    ■Click on the Config button under Users menu for the desired user.


    ■Selected by default, a Status tab will be displayed.

    ■Look for the unchecked box saying Parental control is disabled and click to check it so as to enable all the parental controls for the selected user.


    ■Now go to Web Limiter tab and check Enable Web Time Limiter option. This will make the grid editable.


    ■From the list given in grid, Select the desired day and time to block users to access internet.


    ■Click close and back to Parental Control interface.

    ■Close down the window and you are done with it.

You may also assign a password by visiting ‘General Settings’ to restrict users to access the settings panel of the antivirus progra
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