Audio Output in VLC Player is Very Low

No such problem is big enough if you are using VLC Player. While using this player, you can overcome all such obstructions related to audio or video. Often people have been found complaining of the fact that audio output of their video files is really very low. If you watch such videos without a headset, you will face problems in hearing the audio. Even after increasing the volume of VLC Player to the maximum level, the audio output remains low. Your next probable attempt would be to increase the volume of the speakers. But unfortunately, even on increasing the volume of the speakers, you won’t find any such perceptible change in the volume level. Most of the people feel helpless in such a situation but by going through this tutorial you will be able to solve this kind of problem.

If you have come across such a hitch, you shouldn’t panic as it is not such a big deal. This problem is common with the video files those are downloaded from the internet and that to from unreliable sources. But you can increase the audio output and adjust it according to your preference. By going through below mentioned steps you will be able to overcome such obstruction.

    ■Double-click on VLC player icon.

    ■Select Media menu and click Open File option.

    ■Browse the video in which you found such problem and select it.

    ■Click Open.

    ■Now, open Tools menu and a drop-down menu will be displayed.

    ■Choose Effects and Filters option from the list.

    ■Select Audio Effects.

    ■ Select Graphics Equalizer in Audio Effects tab.

    ■ Uncheck 2 Pass and Enable checkboxes.

Now the audio will be audible enough for you. You can edit the video and can adjust it accordingly. You can do the same with all such video files in which you find the same problem. It’s this simple! For future reference, try not to download the files from unreliable sources on the internet, and more importantly keep updating your VLC Player from time to time so that you can take advantage of the newly added features in the latest versions.

Every new version is launched for the purpose of tackling new issues those keep cropping up from time to time. You should also stay one step ahead by having the latest versions so that you never come across any such problem, and even if you do, at least you are able to overcome it.
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