Can't install google earth error 1603?


When an update happens on a certain app, chances are someone somewhere encountered problems they didn’t have before. This is also true when you are making changes on your PC, for example, a new operating system. It can be frustrating at the times but there is always a solution.

This is also true for Google Earth where a lot of users (usually Windows 10 users) encountered the 1603 error when trying to install the application. This primarily happens because the application is actually installed, but for some reason, there is no icon or anything similar showing that.

    ■ As this error is usually encountered because the application is already installed, first we’re going to check that. Open Computer or Windows Explorer and navigate to drive C. When you’re there, open Program Files (x86).


    ■ Open Google folder.


    ■ Now if you see Google Earth or Google Earth Pro folder that means that the program is already installed, so do the following (You could also open one of those folders, then open client folder and find googleearth.exe, and just open it and see if it works).

    ■ In the search box type “control panel” and click on it in the search results.


    ■ Click on Uninstall a program


    ■ Find Google Earth (or Google Earth Pro), right click on it and click uninstall

    ■ Now download Google Earth again and try to install it.

    ■ If that didn’t work or if you didn’t find Google Earth at your computer at all, there might be a problem with some Windows conflict. Open the browser of your choice and go to

    ■ In the search bar, type “fix problem that block programs” and press Enter.


    ■ Click on “Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed” in the search results.


    ■ Now scroll down and click on the blue Download button. When the download finishes, open the file and follow the instructions. After it does its thing, try to install Google Earth again.


    ■ If you’re still having problems, consider contacting Google or even Microsoft support as this might also be some Windows issue. Good luck.
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