Download past iTunes purchases

Whether you’re dealing with a failed iTunes download, or you need to recover all of your music after a hard drive crash, Apple makes it fairly easy for you to download or re-download your past iTunes purchases. Use the steps laid out below to re-stock your music library.

Step 1
Open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store. If you haven’t done so already, log in with your Apple ID. For this process to work, you must use the Apple account that you have used to purchase and download music from iTunes in the past.

Step 2
From the Quick Links sidebar on the right-hand side of the page, select “Purchased.” You will be taken to a new menu where you can see all of the music you have previously bought from iTunes.

Step 3
From the top of the screen, select the media type you are looking for, be it music, movies, TV shows, apps, or books. Then click “Not in My Library” from the switch at the upper right-hand corner of the screen to view only items that are not already downloaded into your library.

Step 4
Once you’ve found the item or items you want to download, click the cloud icon next to it. You may be prompted to enter your login information again, but once you have, your items will download into your library.

Arguably the best thing about purchasing music, movies, or other media in iTunes is that all of your purchases are always logged on your account for future access. If, for some reason, you lose your media collection, you can recover anything you’ve ever bought on iTunes, simply by following the instructions above.